Monday, April 15, 2024
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£13.3 million upgrade will see Northern install 86 new customer information screens across network

Train operator Northern has announced that it is set to install over 180 new information screens at stations across its network

It said that the screens were part of a £13.3 million investment, and would ensure customers had access to clear, up-to-date information.

With white LEDs and a high-colour contrast, the new screens can be seen from a greater distance and are better for people with some visual impairments. 

The train information is displayed clearly, in a format that is easy to read, so customers are provided with the latest information, including important safety messages like short platform guidance. 

During the next phase of the project, Northern will install 186 new screens and upgrade public announcement systems at 66 stations across its network, including Blackburn, Beverley and Deansgate.

Work will get underway later this month and is due for completion by Spring 2025.

It comes after the train operator successfully installed over 500 screens at 172 stations across the North of England, during the first two phases of the project.

Mark Powles, commercial and customer director at Northern, said: “We are committed to providing customers across our network with the latest information on screens that are clear and accessible, so they can enjoy smoother journeys.

“It is part of an exciting project to upgrade hundreds of customer information screens over five years.”

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