Sunday, May 28, 2023
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A Grand Entrance for IJF

In a piece written for Rail Business Daily, IJF Developments Ltd talks about the work it carried out on the recently opened Elizabeth line.

IJF Developments Ltd are proud to have supplied our seamless soffit system for five stations on the newly opened Elizabeth line. Our soffit system adorns the entrances of Acton Main Line, West Ealing, Hayes & Harlington, Southall, and West Drayton stations providing a fresh modern appearance gracing commuters upon entering these reimagined stations.

The Elizabeth line is set to transform the transport scene in London, and our Seamless Soffit canopy systems installed along this new route will help maintain the look and feel of this revolutionary new way of crossing the capital.


Throughout the entirety of the project, IJF maintained a close relationship with the project contractors and architect to ensure that not only did we meet the required specifications but exceeded expectations in making the project’s vision a reality.

Early in the project, it became apparent that we would need to overcome several challenges, least of which was the method of installation. In the schedule of works, our soffit system was set to be installed towards the end of the roofing works, meaning that we would have no access to above the panels, so any fixtures will be required to be installed from below – the display side. Undeterred, IJF developed a jointing and blending method so that once installed, the multi-panel construction would blend into one seemingly large canopy. This methodology evolved further with the Hayes & Harlington, and Southall stations which required a textured feature. We sought to take advantage of this triangular texture by developing a new jointing system that formed interlocking triangular panels to construct the soffit area.

On each of these stations, we went above and beyond to deliver a high quality and long-lasting solution to this integral part of the station’s appearance, for which IJF are proud to have delivered.

Image of Southall station by Turini2 from Wikimedia Commons used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. Chosen and supplied for article by IJF Developments Ltd.

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