Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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A story of a night shift key worker during COVID-19

Linbrooke has shared the story of Jonathan Hampson, its rail signalling testing engineer who holds another critical position: Safe Work Leader during his shift.

The company explains how the non-working site safety supervisors operate when there are less than 3 workers on site. On-site Safe Work Leader (SWL) Jonathan Hampson shows how safety checks were distributed between the two colleagues working together but keeping apart to stay safe.

Non-working Site Safety Supervisors


The new role introduced to actively monitor worksites to ensure compliance with Covid-19 health & safety measures. In teams of three or more Linbrooke always have a person on site that is stood down to supervise safety of the staff. This role was introduced to combat the safety challenges faced by field employees during the pandemic.

Solid State Interlocking (SSI) System Upgrade

Jonathan is currently upgrading the SSI system that will allow new Azuma trains to operate without interference issues experienced with the initial install.

In the SSI cabinet featured in a photograph below, Jonathan is isolating equipment to protect the changeover team in another location.

Creating Safe Distancing Working Environment To Combat Visibility At Night

The team works in pairs, at the beginning of the shift, Jonathan briefs his colleague how he is planning on implementing social distancing while performing required tasks. In the photo below, you can see Jonathan working in a marked-up area.

Jonathan outlined the safety distance areas around the trackside cabinet using spray paint before the shift started as the visibility at night could easily impact on social distancing. The lines are clearly visible in white and will stop anyone approaching him by accident.

Jonathan Completes Site Safety Supervisor’s Checklist

Jonathan has a safety supervisor’s checklist in his Safe Work Pack (SWP) to complete. Using a tablet, he asks his colleague for a permission to sign on his behalf. To stop the contamination, we are now temporarily allowing this practice to continue. His colleague confirms that he understands the SWP and Jonathan proceeds.

His colleague has been assigned a role of a watchman monitoring other people that could potentially approach their workspace. If this were to happen, Jonathan would stand down and brief them on social distancing rules in place in his working area, letting them pass safely.

When Jonathan completes his work, he wipes all test equipment and location case using antibacterial wipes. He then disposes of the surgical gloves used in a controlled manner and emails the SWP to the health and safety team de-briefing them on obstacles and challenges faced, and what safety measures he took to overcome them. This work will allow the health and safety team to inform other worksites of new innovative methods Jonathan came up with during his shift.

Jonathan Hampson – Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Jonathan said: “Working together but keeping apart we are doing our absolute best in these challenging times, safety is our number one priority. It may take us longer to complete our work, but at the end of the shift we all go home safe.

“If for any reason, I can not implement any of our new COVID safety measures on-site, then I will not carry on working and put myself, any team members and their families at risk.”

Photo credit: Linbrooke

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