Friday, January 27, 2023
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Acorel creates virtually free of charge data thanks to AI solutions

Phil Linnecor, director at Acorel, writes about its AI solutions in measuring the number of people in a given location

CCTV is not a new technology and since the 1960’s, CCTV has been installed to assist companies to improve people’s security and the security of the buildings and assets.

Today, there are over 1 billion CCTV cameras installed worldwide and it would be impossible for humans to correctly monitor all those cameras at the same time. This is where Artificial Intelligence takes over and AI can monitor the cameras to create alerts and Data from the video images, even if humans are not watching the screens.


At Acorel we have created our own AI solutions to meet today’s growing needs for people flow and our algorithms are designed to measure the number of people in a given location, either on a public transport vehicle like a bus, Tram or Train or even with a public environment like libraries, transport hubs or theme parks.

By understanding your pain/problem we can tailor our applications to provide you with the required data or alerts to meet your requirement and in most cases, we can do this with you needing to add additional CCTV cameras to you network and therefore providing you with virtually free of charge data.

Since 1989, companies have benefited from Acorel’s solutions and these are either to measure the number of passengers on vehicles or in stations and to determine the level of fare evasion across a transport network. Our latest enhanced algorithms create alerts for the events that are not planned example: – passenger jumping barriers to gain free access to the transport network or to enter tracks or abandoned luggage which often create safety concerns.

Within Acorel we all understand that not every pain or problem is the same and in some cases there are similarities and others are unique to the customer and therefore, we have a multiple of different solutions to help create virtually free of charge data and these range from small 4G devices that can be attached to your camera and transmit real-time data to complex server based machine learning AI software packages that can predict when an event could occur.

We often hear “no problem is too small”, but no matter what the size of the problem, the problem costs you time and money and there is always an answer to the problem and sometimes the answer is virtually free of charge. To benefit from our experience and support in addressing your operational pains and problems, then please contact Acorel on, or via our website

Photo credit: Acorel

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