Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Home Passenger Avanti West Coast trials wayfinding technology to help customers navigate station

Avanti West Coast trials wayfinding technology to help customers navigate station

Avanti West Coast is trialling digital technology to help customers navigate their way around railway stations step by step.

A digital wayfinding tool – an information system to guide people through a physical environment – in the form of a mobile app is available for customers who need to find their way at Birmingham International station.

Customers travelling to or from the station can download the Waymap app, which shows them around the station, to their device. The technology will be trialled until the end of July and if successful, the app or another of a similar nature, could be rolled out across Avanti West Coast managed stations.

Utilising Bluetooth beacons and smartphone technology positioned throughout the station building, the app locates the customer as they move through the station to accurately guide them to their chosen destination.

The technology activates when the customer is at Birmingham International. They can then enter their starting location and destination to receive custom instructions enabling them to self-navigate to nearby attractions, platforms, or points of interest at the station.

Tailored to individual journeys, the step by step guides provide directions that are accurate and relevant with the choice of a live map, audio instructions or written instructions – making it easier for both visually sighted and visually impaired users to get where they need to, independently.

The trial is part of the inter-city operator’s commitment to improve wayfinding and make it easier for customers to make independent journeys.

Natasha Grice, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Avanti West Coast, said: “We want to make it easier for customers to have seamless end-to-end journeys, so finding their way around stations is key, which is why we’re trialling digital wayfinding technology. This latest initiative gives customers the tools to navigate platforms or points of interest tailored to their journey with their preferred choice of instructions – allowing them to get where they need to be more easily and with independence.

“As we strive to provide the best possible experience, we’re keen to explore this innovation across our route to help increase the confidence of all our customers when travelling with us.”

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Photo credit: Avanti West Coast

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