Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Home Projects Cabinet to consider a new transport strategy for Coventry

Cabinet to consider a new transport strategy for Coventry

Coventry City Council’s Cabinet is to consider a bold new transport strategy that could change the way that people travel to, from and around the city in the future.

The strategy, which puts forward a plan for how the city’s transport system could evolve over the next 15 years, will be discussed at the upcoming Cabinet meeting on the 12 October.

If the document is approved by Cabinet, residents will then be asked to share their views on the proposals. These views, which will be gathered as part of a formal consultation later this year, will then be incorporated into a final version of the strategy which will then be adopted by the Council.


The main aim of the strategy is to ensure that Coventry has a safe, sustainable, and resilient transport system, which ensures that all of Coventry’s residents, visitors, and businesses can thrive in the future.   It will support economic growth, help tackle health inequalities, and promote the decarbonisation of the transport system to help to tackle climate change.

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, cabinet member for jobs, regeneration and climate change said: “This strategy is an important step in deciding the future of transport in this city. We want to make sure that Coventry has a modern, safe, and sustainable transport system that works for our residents, businesses and visitors.

“This is a bold strategy, but it needs to be.  In order to meet our decarbonisation goals and tackle our air quality issues we need to make fundamental changes. That’s why this strategy is so focused on making targeted improvements that ensure that walking, cycling and public transport are more attractive and are viable alternatives to using a car.

“It’s also why this strategy talks about supporting the transport of the future like Very Light Rail and electric vehicles. We’re leading the green industrial revolution here in Coventry and we’re committed to making sure that our city, our residents and our businesses are able to take advantage of these emerging green technologies.

“This document isn’t finished, however. To build a system that works for everyone we need the input of our residents and local businesses. So, I encourage everyone in the city to share their thoughts on the strategy when the consultation goes live.”

To achieve this, the document sets out plans for how the Council will work with its partners to ensure that Coventry is a city where it is easy, convenient, and safe to walk, cycle and travel on public transport. It also aims to create a city where most people do not need to use a car to access the services, they need for day to day life.

The strategy includes planned improvements to the city’s public transport networks, including the innovative Very Light Rail system, cycling infrastructure and road network which would see a better, safer environment created for road users, pedestrians and cyclists alike. These improvements include measures like the installation of a network of fully segregated cycleways, further pedestrianisation of key zones and targeted changes to main routes in the city to tackle congestion hot spots.

In keeping with Coventry’s reputation as a leader in the field of transport innovation, the strategy also details how the City Council and its partners will work to achieve a low-carbon transport system by adopting emerging green technology. This includes expanding the city’s network of EV charging points, the creation of an all-electric bus fleet and the delivery of the planned Very Light Rail system.

Photo credit: Coventry Very Light Rail

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