Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Home Infrastructure CC Infrastructure Services: Ryde Station Refurbishment

CC Infrastructure Services: Ryde Station Refurbishment

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CC Infrastructure Services has been a leading subcontractor to numerous companies within the rail sector for over 15 years working alongside the likes of Network RailOsborneCostainDyer & ButlerBAM and J Murphy & Sons.

One area of growth has been in metallic structure refurbishment services. Here, Izzy Healey, the organisation’s business and digital marketing co-ordinator, details just some of the successful projects.

“In the Summer of 2020, while the country was making its way through the national lockdown, our directly employed, ICATS and PTS trained teams made their way over the water to the Isle of Wight to carry out our metallic structure refurbishment services to Ryde Station footbridge. During 2020, our teams carried out a number of these type of projects, making the most of the network being quiet with travel restrictions in place.


During a 52-hour closure to the track, our teams prepared the structure to St3 sound surface standard before applying a protective 3-coat paint system. This paint system will protect the structure from corrosion, dirt, grime and possible damage through general wear and tear, also transforming the structure’s aesthetics, bringing it to life and brightening up the station and trackside.


Whilst onsite our teams accumulated over 960 hours of working in total and battled through some really challenging weather. Check out our project case study here: https://cc-is.co.uk/case_studies/casestudy-osborne-ryde-station-footbridge/

A similarly satisfying project that we also completed whilst the country was in lockdown is Bookham Station structure refurbishment. Again, the metallic structure was prepared by our teams to St3 sound surface standard and a protective paint system was applied with all works being carried out during dedicated night time closures. Check out our project case study here: https://cc-is.co.uk/case_studies/bookham-station-metallic-structure-refurbishment/

We have been working within the rail sector for over 15 years and during this time we have seen an increase in demand for these refurbishment and protection projects. We strongly believe that investing in our infrastructure is the best way forward ensuring structure integrity, public safety and visual satisfaction. You can find out more on our metallic structure refurbishment projects here: https://cc-is.co.uk/rail-industrial-coatings/


Photo credit: CC Infrastructure Services

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