Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Home Supply Chain COVID 19: The Catalyst for Digitisation

COVID 19: The Catalyst for Digitisation

Can Sector safety be the catalyst for business efficiency during the global Pandemic?

Implementing sector safety whilst driving efficiency is often contradictory. With the disruption caused by coronavirus for many businesses it has been more about surviving the year rather than thriving. But disruption is often the catalyst for necessary change.

It has become a pandemic imperative to reduce the risk inherent in physical paper-based transactions and human to human contact; clearly the analogue world and paper-based transactions are no longer a long-term option. The solution is digitisation; whilst already an important trend pre-pandemic it has accelerated to become an integral part of our everyday.


George Smithies, the co-founder of the fast growing construction technology company innDex, has written an article for about the importance of digitisation and the role it has to play in the railways.

“Process and procedures are at the heart of operations with rail businesses. Ensuring compliance and streamlined information collection is crucial in delivering efficient projects, providing an immediate improvement to your business. Exceeding the expectations of increasingly digitally savvy clients.

Following the pandemic, 82% of office employees would like to continue working remotely at least 1 day a week and 77% believe that their productivity has even improved by working remotely, with 55% claiming that they’re able to perform individual, focused work better from home than the office.( Clearly, you can’t put the digital genie back in the box.

The continued strength, stamina and endeavour displayed by the key workers and the construction community has been a source of great inspiration. As the vaccination program ensures hope springs eternal, finding positive solutions is also how innDex operates. We become innovation partners with our clients, offering unlimited access to our tools; together in one platform, automating and digitalising to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity and enhancing health and safety management during a time of global crisis.

We are determined to emulate our healthcare heroes and to do what we can to help you. Many of our partners in the construction industry are essential workers who play such a vital role in maintaining and enhancing critical infrastructure. We admire the excellent work, one of our partners, the Global Infrastructure Group who are continuing to do so throughout this trying time.

Global Infrastructure Groups people first, proactive approach to implement a range of precautionary measures has driven a burgeoning relationship that we look forward to continuing. Our software and technology expertise have integrated seamlessly to develop their nationwide operations, which should come as no surprise given their proven excellence across a diverse range of service sectors and their willingness to innovate when delivering some of the most exciting multi-disciplinary projects.

Marco Lombardelli, (Managing Director of Global Rail Construction Limited) is well placed to comment on how the COVID pandemic has catalysed technological innovation:

“The digitalisation of our business has been possibly one of the single most difficult decisions to make. It was difficult in the sense that we had to make a radical transformation from how we did things yesterday to how we need to do things today and tomorrow.

With innDex, we are not only getting a software package to manage our company and site processes but are also getting an innovation partner.

innDex are bringing all our processes together in one platform, automating and digitalising to improve our company’s efficiency, productivity and health and safety management requirements.

Together, we are building out a platform with new and innovative features and functionality and are constantly on the lookout for new technology to improve how we operate”.

Click here to read more.

At the Llanddona innDex office (it is not a typo, we like a dipthong or three here in Wales) we are delighted by the further invitation to work with the Global Rail Services in Ireland. Dublin is our closest capital city geographically, with longstanding links to us on Anglesey, the short ferry ride is as convenient as it gets, and we are looking forward to blowing away the Covid cobwebs in a fresh Irish sea breeze when normality resumes.

But for now, at a distance: We as a team would also like to extend our appreciation to the committed teams who continue to deliver business continuity every day. With the virulent strain of Covid driving us ever further apart, we are extremely grateful both for our health and for the way innDex construction technology ensures that we can change existing habits and procedures from a paper based, manual process to a dispersed, Covid compliant and cutting edge system.”

George Smithies, the co-founder of innDex,

Photo credit: innDex

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