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DfT publishes its three-year diversity, inclusion and wellbeing strategy

The DfT has published a strategy for diversity, inclusion and wellbeing which will run until 2025.

The department says that this is on the back of a successful strategy set out in 2017, which has resulted in “an increase in the representation of women and ethnic minorities at senior levels and has made strong progress on improving social mobility.” The pay gap has decreased during this time, and new networks have been set up.

The strategy has also seen growth in numbers employed at the Birmingham and Leeds offices and the introduction of in-house mentoring.

But the DfT says there is more to do.

The vison for the new plan is to ensure a “welcoming, healthy and supportive workplace enabling us to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve. Providing an inclusive environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging, feel valued, be themselves and is recognised for their individual talents and contribution to the delivery of our objectives.”

There are four priorities: representing communities, being confidently inclusive, maximising potential and building a transport network that works for everyone.

Achieving this involves a range of proposals for staff, including better dispersed civil servant roles across the country, more apprenticeships, better representation for under-represented groups and skill development.

For passengers it involves ensuring changes to services consider diverse groups, an expanded evidence base to measure the impact of policies and establishing a transport equalities Centre of Excellence by September 2022.


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