Friday, June 2, 2023
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Home Supply Chain DP Building Systems partnership with LGBT Foundation

DP Building Systems partnership with LGBT Foundation

Specialist construction, mechanical and electrical supplier, DP Building Systems has announced a partnership with the LGBT Foundation.

The LGBT Foundation USB fast charger will fast charge 4 connected USB devices simultaneously. DP Building Systems Ltd is committed to raising £125,000 in donations over a two-year period, with the money raised through selling high-quality products-with-a-purpose used by the LGBT Foundation for projects to serve the LGBTQ community

Just like any other concerned persons or firms, DP Building systems have taken this huge step making sure to contribute its part to supporting the LGBT community in these tough and challenging times. Being a specialist in cable manufacturing in Birmingham, it has partnered with the LGBT Foundation community to launch the partnership product, a unique product which is Pride Inspired Rainbow USB mobile phone, tablet and device multi-charger. The company said: “We all know that how important our mobile phones are for all of us and hence this innovative idea of introducing this product to show support and raise donations.”


With so much more going on around the world, from pandemic to the Brexit, DP Building Systems continues focused on raising donations as well as releasing products that will offer daily benefits to the consumer but allows support and make a difference – it could be using the rainbow coloured charger in a coffee shop fast charging your phone and tablet or at home attending a virtual pride events keeping your devices running.

The fast charge technology allows simultaneously charging of 4 connected USB mobile phones, tablets and devices at a quicker rate than a standard USB cable

The Pride Inspired Rainbow Universal 5-in-1 USB Fast charger will raise important donations for LGBT Foundation to fund projects supporting the LGBT community

The Universal 5-in-1 USB Fast Charging Cable

• Fast charge 4 connected USB mobile phones, tablets and devices simultaneously.

• £0.50 per product will be donated to LGBT Foundation

• New faster charge technology, charges faster than standard USB chargers

• Perfect for when your mobile phones, tablet and devices are running low on battery and you need a quick boost or a fast-full charger

• Small and compact, easily fit in a laptop bag

• The rainbow coloured cable has been designed to show support to the LGBTQ community

• 100% biodegradable packaging

• Lifetime Warranty

• Universal 5-in-1 multi USB fast charging cable with built-in belt clip

Can charge:

• 1x iPhone 5 – 11 or Apple Tablet

• 1x Samsung S8 – S20 & other tablets

• 1x Samsung S5 – S7

• 1x iPhone 12

• USB-A Purple / Mini USB Blue / Micro USB Green / 8 Pin Connector Yellow / USB-C Orange.

The company said: “Luckily, it is great to see that people are supporting this Pride-inspired product. Seeing the trends, DP Building Systems will certainly launch more such products to raise their voice to support a cause which is close to their heart.”

Click here for more details.

Photo credit: DP Building Systems

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