Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Elevated Troughing Meeting Industry Standards

The RIVVAL Elevated Troughing range meets Network Rail’s current extensive criteria for the approval of a non-cementitious cable management system. This included the comprehensive independent testing and analysis for the following areas:-

• Inertness;
• Exploding dust;
• Material degradation;
• Linear Thermal Expansion;
• Service Life;
• Toxicity;
• Fire Performance;
• Tolerance to climatic conditions;
• Impact testing;
• Temperature cycling;
• Drop Test;
• Accelerated weathering tests;
• Electrostatic discharge;
• Thermal expansion and contraction.

Load testing                                                                                                                                 Thermal expansion

In all these areas RIVVAL have proven compliance to Network Rail requirements confirmed with Full Product Acceptance.

The comprehensive range of tests carried out proves that the life expectancy and performance of the elevated troughing system offered is suitable for use on Network Rail infrastructure within the environmental conditions and seasons expected across the UK.

With a long-life expectancy, durability and resistance against acids and alkalis the product offers a perfect solution for trackside cable management. In addition, the use of the composite material provides a much better environmental footprint on a Network. After their useful life helping to reduce an Eco-footprint in many applications, composite recycling can reduce Eco-footprint and CO2 emissions.

The use of RIVVAL’s elevated troughing significantly reduces the following compared with traditional concrete alternatives: –
• Transportation costs;
• Storage costs;
• Storage space;
• Handling risks;
• Installation period.


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Photo credit: RIVVAL

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