Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Home Infrastructure Floating Pontoon Solutions supports ongoing repairs to rail bridge at Mirfield

Floating Pontoon Solutions supports ongoing repairs to rail bridge at Mirfield

Floating Pontoon Solutions (FPS) is enabling AmcoGiffen to carry out essential repairs to a railway bridge that crosses the River Calder at Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

The ongoing project began in 2022, with repairs to the bridge’s steelwork. Access from the riverbank was poor, and FPS supplied a four-by-six-meter floating pontoon, complete with steps, to help teams reach the water quickly, easily, and safely.

The floating platform provided safe and easy access directly from the riverbank

A second eight-by-eight-meter pontoon, supporting scaffolding, was positioned under the bridge. This enabled AmcoGiffen to erect its own scaffolding, which was used to safely access the eight-meter-high structure.


An FPS safety boat ferried teams between the two pontoons, and provided safety cover for engineers working at height. It was also used to move the larger pontoon when river traffic needed to pass – something that could happen up to four times a day. “The first stage of the project lasted around six months, and ran extremely smoothly,” FPS managing director Steve Wilson explained. “It was a pleasure to support AmcoGiffen, who we’ve worked with before – most recently, on Cefn viaduct.”

The second stage of the project involved grouting the bridge’s stonework. This ongoing work is carried out at night during line possessions, with FPS providing a safety boat to support teams – often at short notice.

“Because our pontoon systems are modular and lightweight, they can be mobilised quickly,” Steve added. “This allows us to be flexible and responsive, working around our clients’ schedules.”

Floating work platforms and walkways are ideal for bridge maintenance, allowing teams to access a structure’s underside from the water. Lancashire-based FPS has supported a wide range of rail bridge repair, maintenance, and inspection projects in the 10 years since its launch, providing platforms for engineers, scaffolding, and even plant.

To learn more about Floating Pontoon Solutions, visit www.floatingpontoonsolutions.co.uk.

Image credits: Floating Pontoon Solutions

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