Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Green Furniture Concept: a reason to stop at every station

Most railway stations have their own individual look, but when you walk into a station that has been given a finishing touch by Green Furniture Concept, it feels different, too.

Green Furniture Concept delivers more than just new seating, a tick in the box for green design or a fresh look that station managers hope will appeal to passengers.

It creates a fully-designed solution, devised by in-house specialists in a company that is responsible for everything – clients can’t get this look for their stations from anywhere else. Further, its green solutions live in the furniture’s DNA… and the difference it makes to passengers isn’t anecdotal, it’s measured in profit.


Green by name

Green Furniture Concept was built around the idea that our surroundings should be made from ecologically sound and safe materials that make people feel good.

Gone are destructive materials, headache-inducing solvents and varnishes, and in their place are responsibly sourced and carefully crafted modular answers to a station’s needs. Take the company’s distinctly curved wooden seats, for example; these are made from oak and beech that’s 100% FSC certified, the legs are 85% recycled aluminium and the feet are made from recycled ocean plastic. Furthermore, the seats are treated with natural wax rather than synthetic varnishes, and they can be cleaned effectively with ordinary soap and water instead of chemical detergents.

Learn more about Green Furniture Concept’s vision and mission here.

A fitting solution

Everything, from planters to streamlined benches, is made to fit the aspirations of clients, thanks to a modular design. Long gone are the days of awkward sharp-edged furniture and in its place are solutions that are delivered made to measure.

And if a client is feeling adventurous, they can even take their first steps themselves with the company’s 3D visualiser (or just have some fun). In doing so, they see how adaptable the ultra-modern furniture actually is.

Learn more about the products here.

A showstopper for commuters

Every item of furniture, and every bespoke layout, is designed to help create comfortable spaces where people will stop, stay and spend money. Cold, metallic and concrete spaces are pushed aside, and nature suddenly has a place in these busy hubs.

The effect of this change is borne out in numbers: at London Bridge station, customer satisfaction grew by 36%. People relaxed, unwound and bought from the shops lining the busy station. And it’s not just train stations: Edinburgh Airport retailers saw spending shoot up by 13 per cent.

Learn about how Green Furniture Concept transforms transport hubs here.

Truly tailored

Adele Kamel is director of communication and brand at Green Furniture Concept. She said: “We’ve reached a point now where we deliver a truly tailored and unique placemaking solution for each and every client, making it a “wow” experience for the passenger. 

“The needs of rail have never been more sophisticated, and clients require an equally sophisticated design and delivery partner to help create engaging surroundings that nurture community, flow and commercial success.

“Working with our team has meant that, time and again, there is a full solution that can be put in place in a very short time – even installed overnight – radically improving and bringing out the character of these important parts of the UK’s rail infrastructure.

“We have become known for delivering important transformations to stations across the country –and meaningful changes to your station could be much easier and closer than you think.”

Find out more: visit Green Furniture Concept, and find out how they can transform your station


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