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Han® HPR Compact: A connector grows to keep pace with its roles


Han® HPR is an industry standard for connectors requiring special protection from the elements, such as on rail vehicles. HARTING has now developed the Han® HPR Compact to make this series suitable for applications in tight spaces. By comparison with traditional products, this solution offers a space saving of 20% and is 25% lighter. With the aid of extenders, they can also grow in line with their roles, thereby offering greater flexibility within a smaller space.

The Han® HPR Compact series is available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24 B. The housings are designed to offer maximum transmission options for the installation space available. The aim is to achieve appropriate scaling that provides the greatest level of convenience possible while offering sufficient leeway to use the optimal connector even in tough locations.

Sometimes, it only becomes apparent later that an interface requires a different connector with more cable space. For example, this may be caused by retrospective adaptations such as converting from Cat.6 to Cat.7A/8.

In such scenarios, the Han® HPR Compact offers a simple solution with its extender frames. Each extender frame expands the housing by 3 centimetres, while the other components stay as they are. Service teams only need to screw the frame under the hood, and more space is created for the connections and contacts. An extender can be quickly and easily fitted with separate monoblocks and/or modules, with two extenders

being the maximum possible extension. Future adaptations of the housing size are less complicated, saving valuable working time and reducing costs.


• More compact dimensions (saving space and weight)

• High flexibility with a maximum of two extender frames, each increasing the height by 3 cm

• Shorter installation times in environments with limited space

• Thanks to guiding pins with 16 coding options, safe connection is always guaranteed, even in environments with limited space available (no coding modules required)

• The entire Han® B compatible connector portfolio can be used – apart from the contacts and insulators of Han® HC 650 Modular

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