Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Home Maintenance Harsco hits the tracks running with three-year Network Rail mobile maintenance train...

Harsco hits the tracks running with three-year Network Rail mobile maintenance train service contract

Harsco Rail has started its three-year mobile maintenance train (MMT) service contract with Network Rail.

The contract is valued at over £20 million and involves Harsco Rail operating and maintaining Network Rail’s fleet of 8 mobile maintenance trains.

Daniel Ryder, Professional Head of Operations at Harsco Rail, has praised the team’s efforts. He said: “We hit the ground running and on the morning of the contract handover we continued with the ongoing MMT service delivery and maintenance plan with no let up or pause to Network Rail’s programme of delivery.


“This meant that everything needed to be in place for a seamless transition, because during the handover of the contract, there was no planned stand-down, easing or reduction in the workload for the MMT fleet.

“We met some challenges along the way that presented issues for the mobilisation team, however, we found solutions to everything that put at risk the day one kick off.”

The fleet of mobile maintenance trains plays a critical role in Network Rail’s operations, enabling the delivery of essential track-maintenance works throughout the railroad infrastructure.

Seven trains are currently operational and based at Darlington, Wakefield, Retford, Derby, Horsham, Paddock Wood and Romford, while the eighth vehicle is used to undertake overhaul and maintenance works. 

Mr Ryder said: “Harsco Rail have made adjustments and adaptations for the COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the continued safety and welfare of our frontline teams.

“However, Network Rail’s MMT fleet plays a vital role in keeping Britain’s railways running, no more than at times like these, so our key workers are continuing to deliver the MMT services when and where required.

“We’ve engaged with our suppliers and we have been able to step up the specifications for routine cleaning on the MMT to include deep cleans using a powerful sanitiser, so we’re able to assist with the mitigation steps of the coronavirus spread on the fleet.

“Perhaps a bigger impact of the COVID-19 restrictions has been around our ability to interact more socially with our newest employees from the TUPE process and our customers within Network Rail.

“But despite this set back, I’m really proud of our newest employees for the way they have handled the TUPE process and the wider management team at Harsco Rail who have worked hard, under extremely difficult and often restrictive circumstances to ensure we managed the process of people transition and contract mobilisation smoothly.”

Photo credits: Harsco

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