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Hoval extends energy-saving solutions

Hoval continues to enhance its range of energy-saving solutions with new products designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions whilst optimising cost of ownership.

A case in point is the new range of Belaria® fit air/water heat pumps, specifically designed for systems with high outputs and a high proportion of renewable energies. Belaria® fit delivers efficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water production at the same time and can be used on its own or as part of a hybrid system.

Belaria® fit uses advanced, modulating inverter technology that enables continuous adjustment from 40-100% of load, ensuring consistently optimum energy efficiency in applications with variable demand. This is combined with use of R32 refrigerant, ideally suited to the UK’s temperate climate. Consequently, systems with Belaria® fit are considered sustainable and are eligible for subsidies.

Up to 16 Belaria® fit units can be combined in a cascade configuration, enabling outputs into the megawatt range. Belaria® fit is also well suited to use in a hybrid configuration, such as alongside a gas condensing boiler for use at peak demand to provide attractive price/performance ratios. The units are also easily retrofitted to existing heating systems.

Also joining the Hoval portfolio is a new range of TopVent® decentralised roof ventilation units, specifically designed to meet the needs of large ‘shed’ like buildings – especially suitable for applications where undisturbed operation within the building is of paramount importance.

Disruption in the space is avoided because the units are installed completely from the roof, so that the only work in the building is hydraulic and electric connections. Moreover, all serviceable components can also be accessed from the roof, so that regular maintenance and service work can be carried out without disturbance to the activities below. Thus, maintenance is easier to schedule and downtime is avoided.

The inherent flexibility of the TopVent range supports Hoval’s zone-based control concept, whereby combining different types of unit ensures that each space – or each zone within a large space – can be controlled independently of other units in spaces/zones.

All Hoval products are backed by a team of experienced engineers to advise on design and product selection and support the customer from start to finish – and through ongoing operation.

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