Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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In The News | 12th January 2021 | Latest Rail News

Click here to listen to the latest rail news on Tuesday, 12th January 2021

The latest rail news on Tuesday, 12th January 2021

A massive 11,000 tonne curved concrete box is to be pushed under one of the country’s most famous railway lines.

The structure, which weighs more than the Eiffel Tower, is being installed in a painstaking nine-day operation as part of the £1.2 billion upgrade of the East Coast Main Line.

Engineers have spent the last nine months building the new tunnel by the side of the East Coast Main Line as trains have sped past between London and Edinburgh.

And now the massive concrete construction is ready to be pushed into place along pre-installed guiding supports, after the three tracks above have been temporarily removed.

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All travellers arriving in England by plane, train or boat must have a negative COVID test result before departing from 4am on Friday, the Department for Transport says.

That’s according to an article in the Daily Star that says passengers who arrive without one, and operators who bring them, risk a fine, starting at £500.

The rule is designed to help protect against new aggressive virus strains.

HS1 Ltd says it is on track to revolutionise the rail industry by developing augmented reality technology that will virtually replicate rail assets on the High Speed One line by 2021.

The technology will monitor the real-time performance of rail assets and allow swift detection and repair of faults with St Pancras station’s lifts, escalators and travelators, as well as signalling equipment along the line.

Sensors will pick up and relay faults back to maintenance teams via a private 5G network.

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Finally, and more than 70 survivors of domestic abuse reached safety and shelter by using Northern services last year free of charge.

A total of 54 adults and 19 children used the Rail to Refuge scheme between April and November 2020, using the train operator’s network to travel to safe accommodation.

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Photo credit: Network Rail

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