Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Latest rail recovery passenger figures are out

The Department for Transport has issued the most recent figures describing the post-pandemic use of transport.

This week, the numbers show show the highest rail passenger use was 87% (Tuesday 2 August to Monday 8 August) when compared with the same time of the year pre-COVID.

As always, the rail numbers are a rolling seven-day average showing a percentage compared with the equivalent period in 2019.

The figures are flagged as an estimate for at least a week until the final tally can be taken from the nation’s ticketing systems – which is why the numbers for the pervious week edged up.

For the most recent week, the figures by day are:

Tue 2 August 70%
Wed 3 August 78%
Thu 4 August 78%
Fri 5 August 77%
Sat 6 August 82%
Sun 7 August 83%
Mon 8 July 87%

Again, as the final tally is taken into account, these numbers will revise higher.

The Tube daily-for-day-calculated figures saw a high of 93% on Saturday 6 August.

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