Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Home Infrastructure Leading 3D laser technology organisation change track into rail industry

Leading 3D laser technology organisation change track into rail industry

A3D is branching out into the railways, hoping to build on its impressive track record in the process industry with its 3D laser technologies.

The organisation has an engineering background extending back more than 30 years, providing engineering, design, draughting and surveying services across a whole spectrum of process and manufacturing industries.

As A3D the company has established a strong client base throughout the world for its use of 3D laser scanning/point cloud related technologies in little over seven years.

Director Colin Pittman says they have now decided to branch out into the rail industry, strongly believing they can play a major role in helping organisations adapt to an ever changing and challenging marketplace.

He said: “The rail industry has always been an area we’ve always considering branching out into and now feels like the perfect time to do it, particularly when it comes to using the latest technology to collect data around refurbishments, train depots, stations and signal boxes.

“A3D is looking to offer services to the rail sector and believes it has the expertise to help organisations digitise asset capture data quickly, accurately and cost effectively.”

A3D has established point cloud technologies that accurately capture measured site data in using 3D laser scanning instruments.

Colin said: “Traditional methods being time consuming and subject to error, are being consigned to history in regards to surveying practice.

“3D laser scanning instruments continue to improve with their accuracy and streaming of scan file registration a cost-effective solution.

“These improvements alongside A3D developing our own surveying methods has resulted in our accomplished surveyors being able to complete large scan surveys using multiple instruments efficiently.

“Large sites, for instance 100-200 tank storage terminals requiring 1,000-2,000 scans, are now completed in days, to the benefits of our clients.”

Some of the benefits of 3D laser scanning:

· Faster – an ability to record up to 960k points per second up to 1mm accuracy.

· Cost effective- due to its speed recording site assets.

· Safer – use a safe pulse laser with process details captured from ground level without the need to touch assets.

· Accurate – captures data with the same level of accuracy you would find with traditional methods and the level of human error is dramatically reduced as the scanner automatically records its overall surroundings.

Colin, who is a commercial and marketing specialist with a wealth of experience in the publishing and energy sectors, said: “Moving forward we have, as a result of our clients desire to digitise their facilities, developed bespoke software solutions linking our ‘smart’ 3D model and P&ID files to offer graphical user interface to client’s asset, inspection and document management systems.

“We are very excited to start offering our expertise to the rail industry and look forward to future challenges in an industry that is now looking to move towards digitising their facilities.”

Click here to download the brochure.

Visit, email or call +44 (0)74365 769153 for more details.

Photo credit: A3D

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