Monday, June 17, 2024
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Abigail Hancock, head of environment & sustainability at Linbrooke Services appointed as vice chair for Rail Industry Sustainability Forum (RISF)

The Rail Industry Sustainability Forum (RISF) has announced the appointment of Abigail Hancock as vice chair. Abigail, currently the head of environment and sustainability at Linbrooke Services, is a Chartered Environmentalist and a full member of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Abigail’s extensive experience in environmental and sustainability management, including her work with Arriva in their bus and rail divisions, made her the ideal candidate for the role.

The RISF, a subgroup of the Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group (ISLG), brings together environmental and sustainability professionals from Network Rail and infrastructure contractors. Abigail’s appointment as vice chair will allow Linbrooke to be at the forefront of leading environmental discussions regarding the infrastructure of Britain’s railway.

As vice chair, Abigail’s goal is to ensure that the perspectives of all organizations are heard, particularly SMEs like Linbrooke. The forum aims to enable the rail industry to effectively manage environmental risk, reduce negative environmental impacts, and enhance positive environmental impacts.

“I’m really excited to be taking on this role and representing Linbrooke at such an important forum for the rail industry,” said Abigail. “It will not only be great from a personal perspective in gaining experience chairing such an exciting f orum, but for Linbrooke to be at the forefront of this demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the decarbonization agenda.”

Abigail will take over as chair of the RISF in 2024, which highlights the confidence that the group has in her abilities. Linbrooke Services has shown their dedication to sustainability by supporting Abigail in this new role.

Photo credit: Linbrooke Services

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