Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Home Social Responsibility LNER to host special service dedicated to relaxation, mindfulness and wellbeing

LNER to host special service dedicated to relaxation, mindfulness and wellbeing

Television personality and wellness enthusiast Anna Richardson is welcoming LNER customers onboard a special Azuma train service dedicated to masterclasses in wellness and wellbeing

The event takes place on 7 May.

Anna will host a bespoke masterclass on relaxation and hypnotherapy and how to use travel time to get a dose of wellness in around a busy lifestyle.


The unique experience onboard an LNER service from London King’s Cross comes as research shows that 36 per cent of people enjoy travelling by train as it makes time for activities and hobbies, showing that we like to have time to disconnect and unwind on longer train journeys.

Two thirds of people (66 per cent) believe it’s very important to take time while travelling to switch off from ’everyday noise’ and focus on their mental health, and around a third (29 per cent) find that a long journey helps them to unwind.

Well known for her television appearances, Anna Richardson is also a qualified cognitive behaviour therapist and hypnotherapist. She will join the LNER Wellness Train ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (9th-14th May 2022) to help people explore some of the most mindful fun and crafty experiences while travelling by train.

Anna will join a series of experts onboard who have skills in crafts, games, mindfulness and wellbeing, each hosting masterclasses in a carriage of the train. The special service will demonstrate how many different activities people can do on a train to make their journey even more relaxing, with customers then able to enjoy a day out exploring the historic town of Lincoln at their own leisure.

Customers onboard the 08:06 London King’s Cross service on Saturday 7 May 2022 will be able to enjoy one of the following masterclasses:

  • Taking time to relax and unwind around your busy lifestyle with Anna Richardson
  • Art session to create a collective group piece with illustrator Inkquisitive
  • Knit a pair of hand warmers with Wool Winders
  • Macrame wall hanging creation with Restoration LDN
  • Adult doodling for mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and Meditation – unwind with The Now Project
  • Games and Puzzles – switch off for fun challenges onboard
  • Fitness and Wellbeing Q&A with mind coach James Middleton
  • Origami – the art of paper folding with Origami Party London

People joining the LNER Wellness Train Experience will be given a hand-picked goody bag as part of their journey. Spaces are limited for each activity and customers are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Customers will also be able to board at Peterborough for a select number of the activities.

Anna Richardson, said: “I spend a lot of time travelling around the country and I like to use my travel time to indulge in a bit of ‘me time’. Life can feel overwhelmingly busy sometimes, and taking time out with an activity you enjoy can help you feel more on top of things.

“I’ve a passion for relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques, and both of these can easily be introduced to longer train journeys to help me unwind and have some peace of mind.

There’s a strong link between relaxation and wellness, and using techniques that can be taken with you anywhere can help you use your time effectively to build a better wellbeing culture for yourself. I’m excited to share experiences with those looking to juggle a busy lifestyle with creating a happier life.”

Kate McFerran, Director of Communications at LNER, said: “Our research shows there is a well-established link between wellbeing and train travel. Our teams often share some of the creative activities they see our customers getting up to, whether that’s knitting a scarf, writing, enjoying some games onboard or doing some mindful colouring.

“Experience shows us there is a huge amount of enjoyment to be found in making the most of a journey when travelling by train. It’s about so much more than just getting to your destination, but making the most of a relaxing environment to indulge in activities that enhance your sense of wellbeing.

“We hope the Wellness Train provides inspiration for anyone travelling by train, by demonstrating some of the activities that can be easily and conveniently enjoyed onboard.

“At LNER we want all customers to have a relaxing and unique experience when travelling on our services, and hope the Wellness Train will help provide some creative inspiration for how to make the most of every journey to boost health and wellbeing.”

Customers will be able to purchase tickets from train-tickets-304675351177, with experiences starting from £50.

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