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LPA Group illuminates the Underground with lighting systems for TfL projects

LPA Group has announced the successful progression of key projects with Transport for London. This includes the newly refurbished Central Line of which the first train has now entered into passenger service, as well as being awarded the contract to supply interior lighting systems for the Piccadilly Line under the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme (“DTUP”).

For the new Piccadilly Line, LPA is providing all lighting systems including ceiling, direct and indirect lighting, status lights to indicate when doors are opening and closing, step lights to highlight door threshold, and the drivers’ cab lighting, for new carriages. LPA’s interior lighting system will be implemented across 94 Inspiro trains, encompassing 856 separate cars, producing more than 35,000 separate lights, which amounts to more than 20km of lighting when lined up.                                                                                           

Siemens Mobility, the leading provider of sustainable and efficient transport solutions, revealed in November that the first of the new Piccadilly Line trains were undergoing extensive dynamic tests at its Test and Validation Centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany, ahead of the new trains starting to enter service in London from 2025.

Over many years LPA says it has built up a longstanding relationship with Siemens Mobility which, since 2009, has used LPA’s products and services to deliver major rail projects in Munich, Vienna, Sofia, Warsaw and Riyadh, and others. For the Piccadilly Line, LPA says the lighting system delivered will be fully bespoke and will provide a brighter, cleaner and more relaxed environment for customers travelling.

The value of the contract for LPA to provide interior lighting systems under the DTUP amounts to around €5 million.

The first refurbished Central Line train came into passenger service in December 2023 and a further [600] carriages are expected to enter service over the next four to five years, all with LPA’s bespoke lighting systems.

Paul Curtis, Chief Executive Officer of LPA, said: “We are delighted to be the partner of choice to provide the new Piccadilly Line with a completely bespoke lighting system. As part of the exciting project the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme will receive 33,534 individual lights from LPA for the Piccadilly Line.

“These form a crucial component of passenger experience on the London Underground. Our entire business is underpinned by high reliability and high trust, which is one of many reasons we are the partner of choice to provide lighting systems. We look forward to seeing the first carriages coming into service from Summer 2025.”

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