Friday, June 14, 2024
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Lumo flexes new ticket option

The 100% electric rail operator is now offering LumoFlex, an option which offers greater flexibility on its London to Edinburgh route.

LumoFlex, which is a digital-only ticket, offers Lumo passengers more options to refund or amend their journey without hurting their wallet or the earth. The ticket’s benefits include reserved seating, fee-free change of journey as well as a pre-departure fee-free refund if plans change.

The new ticketing option parallels the freedom and flexibility often given by airlines tickets and is another step towards encouraging passengers to make the greener change from flying to getting the train.

Statistics from Lumo have found that travelling via a Lumo train is 95% greener than flying with a return journey from London to Edinburgh on a Lumo electric train saving the equivalent of 11 trees worth of annual CO2.

Commenting on the new offer, Lumo’s head of commercial, Tom McFall said: “This new product gives more choice so that customers can book with the peace of mind that if their plans change they can refund or rebook their ticket at no extra cost.

“Since launching at the end of 2021, we have been committed to offering customers great value fares, but we also recognise that customers increasingly want more flexible options. Our new LumoFlex product is designed to meet that need. In successfully delivering this ‘semi-flex’ product, which is the first of its kind in the UK rail industry, we’re giving customers the option to increase their flexibility.”

Booking a LumoFlex ticket allows you to change your journey fee-free subject to fare difference, and a £10 admin fee when changes are made on the day of travel. With a LumoFlex ticket you get the flexibility to change your ticket time and date to any other Lumo train ticket before travelling.

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Photo credit: Lumo

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