Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Home Safety Make PPE last longer with ProGARM's new lightweight but tough welding kit

Make PPE last longer with ProGARM’s new lightweight but tough welding kit

Leading rail industry PPE specialists ProGARM have launched a new range of lightweight welding protective kit, which the company says will make other protective clothing last longer.

According to industry insight, many welders in the rail industry don’t like to wear an apron because traditional ones are heavy and make the job even harder.

Now FR and arc flash specialists ProGARM have come up with the perfect solution – a lightweight apron with long sleeves and complementary welding gaiters. The kit won’t impede movement when welding but will provide the right protection from molten metal splatter and arc flash risks.

ProGARM’s rail industry specialist Mark Lant says: “We spotted the problem of welders often not wearing the right PPE and they told us the only aprons available were cumbersome, heavy and made it much harder to do the job.

“We know our rail industry clients carry out welding tasks, so we’ve poured all of our new product development expertise into solving that problem with this unique apron, sleeves and gaiters.

“User feedback has been incredible, with people telling us they love how the kit ensures they are protected but doesn’t feel hard to wear or get in the way of doing their difficult job.”

The new welding range complements ProGARM’s comprehensive range of orange trackside PPE, which protects workers from arc flash risks and is FR-compliant.

Coveralls aren’t consumables

Some welders consider their coveralls collateral damage, regularly needing new ones as the old ones get degraded by repeated splashes from hot molten metal because aprons aren’t worn. This old-fashioned way is an expensive approach that leaves the welder without the potentially life-saving protection they need.

Worn in combination with ProGARM’s Flame Resistant (FR) range and arc flash PPE range, a welder can now safely do their job while wearing comfortable protective clothing.

The new silver apron covers from the neck to the wrists. It features adjustable cuffs for comfort and to make sure that molten metal can’t splash up the arms inside the sleeves. The lower part of the apron’s front is also detachable to be repositioned to suit the wearer.

On the back of the apron are elasticated fastenings, so it’s easy to get the apron on and off.

The whole apron is made from material highly resistant to molten metal splashes, providing peace of mind for welders. ProGARM has applied its usual standards of design, ensuring that comfort and movement are balanced with protection levels to create garments that are both functional and easy to wear while making sure welders are protected.

The one-size gaiters complete ProGARM’s welding PPE range! Available in the same silver and black combination as the apron, they attach over the welder’s clothing to cover from the knee down and over the foot.

ProGARM have used elasticated, adjustable fastenings; allowing the padded gaiters to protect from metal splashes for the lower legs not covered by the apron. The Velcro fastenings at the back are also flame-proof.

Both items conform to EN ISO11611:2015 – protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. The standard ensures that clothing protects the wearer from splatter from molten metal, short amounts of time in contact with flame, and radiant heat from the electric welding arc.

It also minimises the chances of receiving an electrical shock. Adding arc flash layers under the welding apron and gaiters will also protect the wearer against the potentially life-changing or life-ending risks of being caught in an arc flash.

Arc flash and FR specialists ProGARM supply a wide range of rail industry clothing, complying with all major standards.

The orange high-vis range includes comfortable polo shirts, a range of waterproof jackets and trousers, a coverall, and a sweatshirt. The whole range conforms to RIS 3279: Issue 1, the rail industry standard for PPE, and protects from the potentially life-changing or life-ending effects of an arc flash incident, as well as being Flame Resistant.

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