Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Home Rolling Stock McCulloch Group launches leasing model in the UK

McCulloch Group launches leasing model in the UK

After thirty years in business and with a fleet of innovative rail solutions now hard at work across the world’s railways – McCulloch Group is bringing its popular leasing and purchase model to the UK domestic market.

Key contractors who fit a number of criteria will now be able to purchase or take out a long-term lease on one of the fleet’s most popular products, the Trac Rail Transposer (TRT). The machine itself transports, removes, and installs lengths of rail and associated iron work, under Overhead Line Equipment.

Having operated with 99.7% proven reliability across its decades of operation on the UK rail network, the only way to have this solution as part of a project in the past would be through McCulloch’s contracting solutions, with leasing and purchase of machines only available to international markets such as Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia.


Contractors wishing to adopt the patented technology as part of their own fleet will benefit from exceptional training and ongoing mentorship from McCulloch, ensuring optimal use and achieving maximum efficiencies.

McCulloch Group’s CEO, David Girdler, said of the development: “We have operated on the track ourselves for 30 years, and frankly, we have never been able to keep up with the demand for our kit. This means we are regularly having to turn work down and that goes against our ethos. There is room for all in this industry and demand is outstripping any chance we have of resourcing to meet this.”

“We have decades of work evidencing the efficiencies our products generate on infrastructure projects, and proof that this model works on an international scale. It’s time for us to replicate this availability in the domestic market by making our most popular product available through lease or purchase.”

For more information on the TRT visit mccullochgroup.com or to enquire please email trt@mccullochgroup.com.

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