Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Home People Missiles hit Ukrainian Railway station, killing at least 50

Missiles hit Ukrainian Railway station, killing at least 50

The head of the Ukrainian Railways Passenger Company described it as the “darkest day”, after a Russian missile attack struck a train station where thousands had been gathered.

On Friday 8 April, Oleksandr Pertsovskyi shared an image showing what appeared to be dead bodies on LinkedIn following an attack on Kramatorsk station in east Ukraine. He added: “Nothing can ever explain such a brutal attack on civilians.”

There are thought to have been as many as 50 people killed, including five children.


At least one hundred people are thought to be injured, although reports on the final number vary. Casualties were picked up from another station nearby.

The below is Pertsovskyi’s original message in full from Friday: please note the numbers have since been updated and will likely continue to be updated.

Here is Pertsovskyi’s message in full: “It’s the darkest day…. Nothing can ever explain such a brutal attack on civilians.

“Kramatorsk train station. Thousands of people catching their last chance to get out of the battlefield. 2 days ago we were there… Direct miss[i]le attack. At least 27 dead, including 3 kids, 100+ wounded.

“We pick up wounded and remaining passengers from the nearest station. People fleeing away are under attack, people staying are under threat of not surviving the worst. Hardest choice.

“The world should know. The world should have never allowed this.”

Reminder: please be advised if visiting Pertsovskyi’s LinkedIn page that the image shared is graphic.

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