Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Home Network Rail Network Rail closes Nottinghamshire footpath crossing after repeated misuse

Network Rail closes Nottinghamshire footpath crossing after repeated misuse

Network Rail has temporarily closed Chestnut Grove footpath level crossing in Burton Joyce, following repeated misuse incidents.

There have been over 16 near-miss incidents, which could have resulted fatal or life-changing consequences, in the past two years.

After an incident over the weekend, Network Rail made the decision to request the emergency closure of the crossing.

Passenger and freight trains travel on the busy line between Nottingham and Newark at speeds of up to 60mph. They cannot stop quickly or swerve out of the way and you can’t anticipate when the next one is due.

Network Rail’s community safety team have visited local schools in the area to raise awareness of using level crossings safely and warn children about the dangers of deliberately misusing them.

Before the decision to close the crossing was made, Network Rail was planning to carry out work this Summer to improve safety. Teams will be installing wicket gates closer to the railway, so it is easier for people to make a decision on whether it is safe to cross. CCTV will also be installed, and the crossing surface will be improved. 

Once this work is complete, the level crossing is expected to reopen and the behaviour of those using it will be monitored to find out whether further action is needed.

Vinny Briggs, Route Level Crossing Manager, said: “Safety is our main priority and over the last few years we’ve worked to balance this with the needs of the community in Burton Joyce. We’ve seen too many incidents at Chestnut Grove footpath level crossing where people have misjudged or misused it and we have taken the decision to close it.

“It’s never safe to hang around on a level crossing or trespass on the tracks. Some people don’t seem to realise just how much danger they are putting themselves in.

“Once the level crossing reopens, it is vital that people concentrate, pay attention to the warning signs and cross safely and directly.”

For more information on using footpath level crossings safely, please visit:

Photo credit: Network Rail

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