Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Network Rail’s North & East route starts using Tended’s geofencing technology to improve trackside safety

Network Rail’s North & East route, starting at the Scunthorpe Depot, has started using Tended’s geofencing wearables as part of a series of initiatives to improve track worker safety during their current works.

The region is undergoing ongoing works as part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, with a focus on improving connectivity in the North.

Ensuring trackside safety and reducing the risk to workers continues to be a top priority.Implementing the technology will aid Network Rail in safely planning and completing their works by helping to ensure their teams safely access and navigate the worksite, while maintaining adequate separation from open lines.


It will be used by Off-Track teams on works including track inspection and vegetation clearance, where workers will be working up to two metres from open rail lines.

Tended is working closely with Network Rail’s teams to plan and draw safe zones according to the safe work pack, enabling their teams to easily utilise geofencing to improve safety without increasing workload.

If workers leave the safe zone, they will be alerted via a wearable of their unsafe position in real time, helping them regain situational awareness and notifying them to move back to safety.

Following initial work around the Scunthorpe Depot, the intention is for Network Rail’s North & East route to expand use to other maintenance teams across the route in this region. Since receiving product acceptance from Network Rail in September 2022, Tended has been helping to improve trackside safety for companies including AmcoGiffen and Network Rail Wales and Borders.

Leo Scott Smith, CEO and Founder of Tended said: “We are proud to be working alongside Network Rail’s North & East route as they implement geofencing safety to improve trackside safety. Our mission is to make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the day and this partnership is a great example of how we can work together with organisations operating in safety-critical environments to achieve this goal.

“We look forward to seeing further implementations across other routes in the near future.”

The implementation of geofencing technology marks a significant shift for Network Rail’s North & East route and sets a new benchmark for safety measures on the rail network.

Photo credit: Tended

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