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Nexus worker joins fellow MasterChef contestants to get the nation cooking

A Nexus worker and former MasterChef contestant has joined forces with fellow foodies to get the nation cooking during lockdown.

Graham Myers, a quarterfinalist on the popular BBC show, is among a host of MasterChef alumni serving up mouth-watering recipes and culinary advice for home cooks.

Their Facebook group – ‘Let’s get the nation cooking again’ – has already attracted thousands of followers and widespread media coverage.

The MasterChef contestants are there to answer queries and give tips and hints on making good meals at a time of national crisis.

Graham, 57, a Training Officer for Metro operator Nexus, said: “It’s a tough time for the nation due to the lockdown so what better time to try and lift everyone’s spirits through good home cooking.

“This is the ideal opportunity to get the nation cooking again because so many people are stuck in the house, and families need feeding. This will hopefully help people out and help to lift a few spirits while the country gets back on its feet.

“I’m one of about twenty former MasterChef contestants who are contributing. It’s gone from strength to strength. I’m adding one new recipe on there every day and I can go on to answer any questions that people have, even if it’s how to make the most of a few leftovers.

“During the ongoing lockdown this is a great way for people to interact, get some new recipes, and get some advice on making wholesome family meals on a budget.

“You don’t need to worry about cooking Michelin star food, the page is very much there for everyone, all ages and abilities. There is a vast array of recipes and most of them are easy to do. Anyone can join and contribute a recipe or an idea of their own.”

Graham already runs his own Facebook page – Grammy’s Kitchen – where he showcases his own culinary skills for his followers.

He added: “I was hugely proud of my stint on MasterChef and I have been cooking ever since. I have also kept in contact with lots of other contestants. I think food and cookery is a great way to bring the nation together. Whether you’re looking for classic comfort food or something a bit more technical, we’ve got it all.

“If you’re stuck at home, locked down, or self-isolating, then our foodie page is great way to connect and pass the time.”

‘Let’s get the nation cooking again’ was the brainchild of 2019 MasterChef semi-finalist Sarah Dugdale, from the Cotswolds.

All the recipes are categorised for ease of access and come with photos and method.Every Saturday the group runs a specific foodie theme. Last weekend it was a movie night, where they shared great recipes for watching films together.

This weekend it is take-away night, so people who cannot get out to get their usual take-away can get some great ideas on to create their own pizza, kebab or curry.

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