Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Home People Railway Benefit Fund launch help for home schooling

Railway Benefit Fund launch help for home schooling

Railway Benefit Fund – the only charity in the rail industry providing financial support to railway workers and their families – has announced help for home schooling for those in need across the industry.

COVID-19 has brought hardship to many families across the country and the news of a January lockdown is even more disheartening for those struggling. With the closure of schools during lockdown, thousands of children from railway families are now having to complete their school work at home. Those without access to the key equipment needed for schoolwork will struggle to complete work and may fall behind.

During these difficult times, the Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) can help. RBF offers grants to help families purchase essential home-schooling items such as laptops, printers and stationery after the announcement of the closure of schools in the UK.

Railway families who need help with the cost of essential school equipment can apply for a grant through the charity. The RBF can provide financial help to parents, allowing them to purchase the necessary equipment and ensure that their children will not fall behind during this lockdown.

The Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) is the only charity solely supporting rail workers and their families. The charity has helped hundreds of rail families facing difficult times throughout the pandemic, by providing help, signposting and financial support to help with crisis situations, such as priority debt, rent arrears, illness and disability and other difficult circumstances.

To apply for a grant to help with the costs of home-schooling equipment, visit the RBF website:

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