Friday, March 5, 2021
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Registration now open for Journey4’s latest Smarter Worker seminar

Transport consultancy organisation Journey4 has revealed details of their latest Smarter Working webinar, that will look at the important subject of Work Life Balance. 

Registration is now open here for the third webinar in the Smater Working Serries, exploring how organisations are adapting to the impact of COVID-19. 

The webinar takes place via Zoom on January 13th at 11.30am, looking at how the work life balance has been impacted by the pandemic and how we can use the lessons learnt in managing the transition to new ways of working. 

The webinar features three expert speakers, including Craig Speed, MD of Enpo Group who will draw upon his long and successful career working within the Rail industry: 

Craig Speed (Managing Director @Enpro Group) 

Craig has over 20 years in Rail industry experience, having begun his career as a British Rail Apprentice. Possessing a diverse range of frontline knowledge, encompassing both rail vehicle maintenance planning and fleet commissioning. 

In 2017 Craig started EnPro Group with his business partner Daniel Cartwright as a rail services provider encompassing railway projects, train presentation, security guarding, consulting and facilities management. Since then he has seen significant growth and expanded its service offerings to different sectors and private businesses. 

Craig and his team are committed to providing innovative solutions and services to industry with a suite of products through the Touchsafe brand in response to the 2020 COVID Pandemic. 

Sue Evans (Director @FAST Pathways) 

Sue Evans is the creator of FAST Pathways, a unique mental wellbeing programme. She supports leaders and businesses to get more of their people’s best more of the time, with skills for improving business performance through better mental wellbeing, and strategies to make it stick. 

From an engineering background, Sue draws on extensive experience of delivering transformational culture change (and saving many millions along the way), and used lean principles to develop the 7 Wellbeing Wastes framework. 

Since launching FAST Pathways, Sue’s mission is to save the NHS £1million in avoidable prescriptions and interventions, training thousands of people in the skills for better mental wellbeing. 

David Evans (Associate @Journey4) 

An experienced hands-on business leader, David has led many programmes focussed on delivering organisational change, people-strategy improvements and learning programmes. He is passion about values-based cultural alignment and employee engagement. He has wide-ranging consulting and coaching experience, gained over many years and across several industries, including transport, infrastructure, utilities and pharma. 

Journey4 Director Stuart Pearce said: “We are carrying off where we left off with our Smarting Working webinars, with three high profile speakers each covering interesting topics. 

“I think everyone’s work life balance will have been impacted by the challenges of coronavirus, so this webinar is set to be very inciteful and I’m sure there will be a lot we can all take away from it.” 

Register in advance to take part in this Free webinar. More details are available by clicking here. Visit for more details about the transport consultancy organisation. 

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