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RSSB announce the Railway Benefit Fund as their Charity of the Year

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has announced that the Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) will be their charity of the year for 2023.

The charity, founded in 1858, offers support to current, former and retired railway workers and their dependents. From financial grants and confidential advice to online tools and a legal helpline, RBF provide a range of services designed to provide support through life’s unexpected events.

Ten charities were put forward for RSSB’s charity of the year and RBF came out as the clear winner. Those who nominated RBF had glowing praise for the cause, citing its compassion and dedication to helping any individual connected to the railways. They highlighted the positive impact RBF has on members of the railway community and their families; providing a much needed helping hand in difficult times and showing true spirit within the rail industry.

Mark Phillips, Chief Executive at RSSB said: “We chose the RBF because we want to provide the best possible assistance to those working or retired from the rail industry who need legal or financial help, guidance and support. We believe that by raising funds for RBF we can support them to help make a difference and promote a more compassionate rail community.”

Claire Houghton, CEO at RBF said: “We are delighted that RSSB have chosen RBF to be their charity of the year. It makes perfect sense for an organisation that is focused on making rail safer, more efficient and more sustainable to partner with RBF, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of railway people. We are very excited to see what RSSB have planned for 2023.”

RSSB plan to host six internal events spread throughout the year, with the first planned for March. In addition to this, they are aiming to promote and take part in RBF’s own events, including their popular Railway Family Week fundraiser at the end of April. To increase engagement and open up a dialog within the rail industry, they also plan on using their social media channels, as well as corporate social channels, to further promote the RBF’s actions and initiatives within their membership and the wider rail industry.

Choosing RBF as your charity of the year is a great way to unite and motivate employees whilst demonstrating your company’s commitment to making a difference. To find out more, contact the team at [email protected] or call 07525 119 631

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