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ScotRail launches new campaign to boost rail travel

ScotRail has launched a new advertising campaign to get more people across the country using the railway.   

Launching tomorrow (Monday, 6 February), the national advertising campaign will promote rail travel and highlight how buying a train ticket goes further than some people may think.   

Featuring ScotRail customer facing teams – including drivers, ticket examiners, and station staff – the messaging focusses on the everyday moments shared between customers and staff.  

It’s a reminder that when people choose to travel with ScotRail, they’re not just getting a journey, but a friendly face, a helping hand, and an extra pair of eyes and ears.   

The campaign will also highlight the many ways that ScotRail supports communities, including working with charities to provide free travel, creating community spaces within stations, and reducing carbon emissions.  

The activity will run for six weeks, supporting the train operator’s work to increase the number of people travelling following the impact of the pandemic. Passenger numbers are currently at almost 70 per cent of 2019 levels.  

Joanne Maguire, ScotRail Chief Operating Officer, said: “’Your ticket goes further than you think’ is the strapline of this new campaign and we want to remind people across the country of the advantages of making a journey by train.  

“With thousands of services operating every day, the opportunities are endless to travel throughout Scotland.  

“And more than that, buying a ticket brings with it the support of everyone in the ScotRail team to help you on your journey.   

“When you travel with ScotRail, you are investing in your community, and we hope to see more customers on our services in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to recover from the pandemic.”

Photo and video credit: ScotRail

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