Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Home Safety Selectequip Ltd is working collaboratively with Veraco to protect staff by creating...

Selectequip Ltd is working collaboratively with Veraco to protect staff by creating clean, safe touchpoints

There are many COVID controls available on the market to help ensure the safety of staff and customers. However, there is a distinct lack of protection to safeguard people from picking up bacteria at high-touch areas.

Selectequip Ltd has written the article below about its protection which involves one-minute installation, up to two years of antiviral protection and safe touchpoints resistant to the coronavirus.

“Touchpoint protection is particularly critical as it is estimated that around 86 per cent of people will pick up bacteria from communal touch areas.

Even with robust COVID controls and cleaning regimes in place, it is not always possible to stop the spread of bacteria at touchpoints. In fact, one bacterium can multiply to more than 30,000 in five hours, and to more than 16 million in eight hours.

The Selectequip team sought a solution to help protect everyone at communal touchpoints as they return to work. After much research, Selectequip partnered with another British safety organisation, Veraco, who are leading innovators in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces.

COVID-Safe Touchpoint Technology

Harnessing the natural power of antimicrobial silver ions, the Veraco Safe Pad™ range reduces microbe growth by up to 99.99 per cent. This antimicrobial silver ion technology breaks down the biological makeup of microbes, preventing microbes from reproducing, multiplying and forming biofilms.

Having been used in medical settings for years, the antimicrobial silver ion technology also reduces the viral load of the human Coronavirus by 99.87 per cent and bacteria associated with E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA by 99.99 per cent.

The Veraco Safe Pad™ range of antimicrobial touchpoint covers are trusted across sectors by the likes of Deutsche Bank, CBRE, Muller, Unilever, Canary Wharf Group, and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

One-Minute Installation, Up to two Years of Antiviral Protection

With a simple one-minute installation, the Safe Pad™ products securely affix to each communal touchpoint with a strong 3M adhesive. Once secured on the touchpoint, each Safe Pad™ product provides up to two years of targeted antiviral and antibacterial protection and 99.87 per cent resistance to the human coronavirus.

Not Just for Touchpoints

Across the range, there are specialist products for push doors, pull doors, push buttons, lever door handles, light switches, stair handrails, touch screens, and grab rails. This helps to ensure that all staff and customers can be protected with safe touchpoints throughout the workplace, which are resistant to the human coronavirus. However, the versatility of these products means that their use is not limited to communal touchpoints.

As a proud member of the Fish Plate Joint Alliance (FPJA) with Interflon UK and Staytite, Selectequip is also providing the Veraco solutions as part of the FPJA portfolio. All FPJA upgrade tools will have the Veraco Safe Pad™ products installed to help protect teams on the frontline as they carry out critical upgrades on track.

As the sole rail supplier for the Veraco Safe Pad™ technology, Selectequip has already installed these products in numerous sites across Network Rail and for various clients in other industries.

Here’s what Henry Spence, CEO of Selectequip had to say about the Veraco Safe Pad™ Range: “We have been working in the rail industry for 30 years to add value and make a difference. The Veraco Safe Pad™ products are a fantastic safety innovation that make a real difference to the industry, by protecting the people that keep our industry thriving. We have personally installed these products in our office to give our team confidence and assurance as they return to the workplace. We are proud to partner with Veraco and offer this game-changing antiviral protection to our clients to safeguard everyone at work and ensure that everyone can safely return home to their families.”

Ian Morgan, Global Sales Director of Veraco, also offered his thoughts: “We have learnt over the last year that creating safe environments is about putting multiple measures in place that combine to reduce the risk. Our products work continuously and provide visible reassurance that touch surfaces are protected. Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in hospitals and critical care for a long time. We are proud to be working in partnership with Selectequip to make this innovative technology available to the rail industry, to protect all staff and customers from this critical sector.”

As many sites, offices, and workplaces reopen, Selectequip is proud to be protecting people at work with the game changing Veraco Safe Pad™ technology.

If you are interested in safeguarding your team with COVID-resistant touchpoints throughout the workplace, please contact”

Veraco Safe Pad™solutions in place to protect the team at Network Rail

Photo credit: Selectequip Ltd

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