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Selectequip’s Safety Innovations: Launching at Rail Live

Selectequip has revealed it is demonstrating a range of safety, welfare, and lighting innovations at Rail Live.

The MEWU Makes its Rail Live Debut

Having been deployed across the UK infrastructure over the last year, the Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) will be making its way to Rail Live for the first time! The world’s first MEWU will be showcased on the Selectequip stand S36 and at the Network Rail Village via our MEWU Hire Partner High Motive.

What makes the MEWU different from other portable welfare units is that it can be compacted to a 4ft cube for transportation to site on a rail trolley or trailer and direct deployment on the ballast. This will be demonstrated live on A.P. Webb’s stands L58 and L59, as A.P. Webb showcase their new transporter trailer – proving just how easily the MEWU can be moved and deployed on the cess.

Veraco COVID-Resistant Technology

Selectequip will also be showcasing the Veraco Touchpoint Technology for the first time at Rail Live.

With a simple one-minute installation, the Veraco Safe Pad™ products securely attach to each communal touchpoint with a strong 3M adhesive. Once secured on the touchpoint, each Safe Pad™ product provides up to two years of antiviral and antibacterial protection and 99.87% resistance to the Sars-CoV-2 human Coronavirus.

The silver antimicrobial ion technology also provides 99.99% resistance to MRSA, E.coli, and Salmonella, to create safe communal touchpoints throughout the workplace.

More Lighting Solutions Than Ever Before

This year at Rail Live, Selectequip will be showcasing more lighting solutions than ever before! Firstly, the company’s Luxsolis solar stair lighting will be making its Rail Live debut. Designed to reduce slips, trips, and falls on Access Point Stairs, the Luxsolis is a zero-noise, zero-carbon lighting solution with zero running costs and instant push-button activation.

The organisation will also be joined by its friends at Unilite who will be demonstrating a range of head torches, task lights, and flashlights – including some exciting new solutions that will be showcased to the public for the very first time!

But the lighting exclusives don’t stop there, as the complete Baselight range will be exhibited in full – allowing you to see the Baselight 320X and 220X for the first time in the UK. The Baselight 600MX will also be making its Rail Live debut on stand S36. With 95,000 lumens of light using just 620W of power, seeing is believing with this energy-efficient tower light.

Secure Storage Solutions

The Armorgard team will also be demonstrating their range of secure storage solutions on our stand S36. These include the Forma-Stor, a walk-in storage vault with a modular design – that can be constructed by 2 people in just 6 minutes.

The Fish Plate Joint Alliance Upgrade Kit

Selectequip says it is extremely proud to be part of the Fish Plate Joint Alliance, and the complete Fish Plate Joint Upgrade solution will be making its way to Rail Live for the first time!

Head over to stand S36 to see the FPJA’s fuel-free solution for upgrading Fish Plate Joints, which offers a 97.5% reduction in maintenance time – compared to traditional methods. You can also see the FPJA Upgrade Kit at the Network Rail Village, on Interflon’s stand B3 and on Staytite’s stand S8.

To ensure that everyone can stay safe whilst at the Selectequip showcase, the company will have its range of sanitiser stations, PPE dispensers and COVID-resistant technology in place to protect our guests.

The company says it can’t wait to show its new innovations on stand S36!

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Photo credit: Selectequip

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