Monday, September 20, 2021
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South Western Railway partners with Missing People charity to help identify missing loved ones

South Western Railway (SWR) has become the first train operator in the UK to partner with Missing People, becoming a part of the charity’s “Safeguarding Briefing Network” (SBN).

The initiative will see SWR, along with a network of other organisations, receive notifications from Missing People when there is a likelihood that staff may come into contact with a missing person. These alerts will then be shared confidentially amongst selected teams, so staff can be on the lookout for loved ones.

Unlike traditional publicity appeals, which often consist of displaying posters in public places, this new targeted approach will see SWR staff briefed on any missing people in the area via alerts from the charity. Local managers will then brief their teams so everyone, regardless of their role, can be on the lookout.


Jon McLeod, Crime & Community Manager at South Western Railway said: “Our frontline staff already play a pivotal role in identifying and supporting vulnerable people across our network. By joining Missing People’s Safeguarding Briefing Network, and the targeted approach it provides, we will continue playing our part in helping people reunite with their friends and family.”

Kate Graham, Communications & Campaigns Manager at Missing People said: “With an estimated 170,000 people going missing every year, having the support of SWR – one of the largest rail networks in the UK – will be crucial in locating people who have gone missing. We hope that by having them onboard, we can offer even more missing people a lifeline, and help to support their loved ones.”

Photo credit: South Western Railway

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