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Sustainability spotlight: How Welfare Hire’s data-driven approach is helping contractors achieve net zero 

Wednesday 5 June is World Environment Day, an international awareness day celebrating positive environmental action and challenging governments, businesses and individuals to take action to drive a more sustainable world.  

In this article, Welfare Hire Nationwide’s Sarah Butcher discusses how ‘Environment‘ is one of the company’s core pillars and explains how its independent carbon verification helps reinforce its approach to sustainable site welfare solutions.  

With the theme of ‘environment’ firmly in the spotlight this month, at Welfare Hire we are highlighting how a data-led approach to site welfare and tower lighting can help construction teams reach their net zero targets and reduce the environmental impact of their projects.  

As an innovator in our sector, Welfare Hire has been built on five key pillars: Quality, Service, Environment, Wellbeing and Value. Backed by dedicated ‘Kelling Guarantees’ (we are part of the wider Kelling Group) for each principle, we hire out only market-leading vehicles and equipment, at the most competitive rates, and offer premium levels of nationwide customer support.  

Cleanest and greenest  

Here at Welfare Hire, we offer some of the cleanest and greenest products on the market, from the UK’s first Lithium, solar and hybrid power systems – with CO₂ reduction rates more than 15 times the industry standard; to Smart Water XL systems, leading the way in the reduction of externalities and transport carbon whilst optimising facilities and productivity onsite. 

Through investing in modern, innovative assets and maintaining a high level of quality and service, we can add value to rail construction projects as a supply chain partner, providing the most modern, innovative and eco-friendly welfare and lighting currently on the market. 

Credit: Welfare Hire

The future of eco-welfare systems: The ECOXi 

One of our most popular Eco-friendly mobile welfare units, the ECOXi, represents an exciting advancement in eco-welfare solutions, embodying the culmination of a decade of development and innovation by our team. 

This uniquely designed and manufactured unit is popular for its extensive space and range of built-in facilities. With an XL capacity capable of sheltering 10+ individuals, the ECOXi comes fully equipped with a spacious canteen, separate office space, drying room, water-flush WC, and XL rainwater system.  

The unit can provide zero-fuel and carbon power, as well as water servicing, delivered by our ULEZ towing fleet.  

Carbon Verification: Our Sustainable Advantage 

Beyond offering a range of clean and green lighting and welfare products, we now have the accreditation to back our numbers up.  

Sustainable Advantage is an established and respected provider of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) due diligence within the infrastructure, energy, and waste sectors, specialising in carbon handprint reporting and data validation. At Welfare Hire, we’ve recently partnered with Sustainable Advantage to independently verify our empirical data to provide an impartial judgment on our carbon handprint.  

Becoming accredited is a significant achievement for Welfare Hire, as it lends credibility and value to our reported carbon data. Sustainable Advantage accreditation helps us stand out as a provider of some of the most robust and qualified volumetric data across our project sites.  

Helping our clients reach their net zero goals 

At Welfare Hire, we understand the challenges facing contractors in the construction, rail and built environment sectors, with new legislation and government targets setting a requirement for a roadmap towards net zero.  

The urgency of this action has been increased following a report from the UK Green Building Council, which found that the UK construction industry was “significantly off track” with meeting its carbon emission reduction goals between 2018 and 2022.  

The UKBC said this lack of progress will require key built environment sectors to decarbonise nearly twice as fast over the next two years to get back on track to reach the 2050 net-zero target, further highlighting the need for sustainable solutions in the construction industry.  

A win-win solution

Working with Welfare Hire means organisations can invest in strategic equipment such as mobile welfare units and tower lights with the confidence that they can improve their ESG score.  

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon output on-site or to boost your sustainability credentials for future bids and tenders, Welfare Hire has a range of mobile lighting and welfare units to suit your needs. Whichever product you choose, the outcome is a win-win; both for your business and the environment.  

To find more about Welfare Hire’s solutions click here or email [email protected].  

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