Friday, January 27, 2023
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Home People Sustainable Transport Midlands begins the search for executive volunteers

Sustainable Transport Midlands begins the search for executive volunteers

Sustainable Transport Midlands (STM) have begun the search for a number of volunteers to take up directorial executive roles within the not-for-profit, to lead their five departments.

They are currently looking for the following volunteer positions to be filled, which would also make up an Executive Committee of six, including the Chief Executive:

•Director of Community and Stakeholder – This executive would lead “Department for Community and Stakeholder”, who manage STM events and relations with partner companies and organisations.


•Director of Corporate Services – This executive would lead “Department for Corporate Services”, who manage internal affairs such as IT, Design, HR, Volunteer Relations,and mergers.

•Director of Campaign Operations – This executive would lead “Department for Campaign Operations”, who review and ensure campaigns and other subsidiaries are producing efficient results and that their activities are stable.

•Director of Feasibility and Business – This executive would lead “Department for Feasibility and Business”, who manage feasibility studies, procurement, finance, funding, investment, and ensuring our projects have a case.

•Director of Innovation, Efficiency and Growth – This executive would lead “Department forInnovation, Efficiency and Growth”, who are the department which are responsible for new campaigns and projects, as well as ensuring current operations are efficient. They also manage elements of restructuring, operating area reviews, and mergers.

A spokesperson for the Sustainable Transport Midlands Department for Corporate Services, who manage the volunteering scheme, said: “Our volunteer scheme is flexible, and has a limited time commitment. It works somewhat like freelancing –where work such as drafting and publishing reports is completed by a volunteer normally as and when they can, and regular tasks such as checking email are the only official time commitments.”

At the moment, Sustainable Transport Midlands are supported by a number of external (non-official) volunteers, but only one executive –15 year-old Harry Burr– is currently on the volunteer record at the not-for-profit.

Harry Burr, Chief Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands, and Young Persons Ambassador at Rail Forum Midlands said “As I approach exams in June next year, therefore being under more pressure by my school, I need to ensure I have an executive team I can rely on. More than ever, this is a personal and Sustainable Transport Midlands priority.

“If we cannot secure volunteers as soon as possible, me and STM risk going over capacity and scaling back.”

Applications for executive roles and other STM volunteer positions can be made on the Sustainable Transport Midlands website, by filling out an Expression of Interest form on the Volunteering Hub at

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