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The Big Rail Diversity Challenge: Enter now!

The face of rail is changing – something to be celebrated. Employers embrace the wealth of talent available when recruiting and retaining staff, and we are seeing a hugely diverse mix of people joining our industry.

To recognise this, Women in Rail and Nimble Media are proud to announce the launch of The Big Rail Diversity Challenge 2023, which will take place on Wednesday 21 June at Newark Showground.

Christine Fernandes, chair of Women in Rail and business development for CAF said, “The Big Rail Diversity Challenge continues to be a flagship event for Women in Rail. It builds and promotes the brand that gender diversity is better for people, better for business and better for rail.

“It brings so many different sectors of the rail industry together giving a unique opportunity to network and foster relationships whilst having fun and supporting a tremendous cause.”

Returning for the eight year, the event is a combination of physical, mental, and skill-based challenges, and is uniquely designed for the rail industry to promote the Women in Rail message.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge gives attendees the opportunity to network, team-build and fundraise whilst promoting the benefits of adopting a gender balanced, diverse and inclusive workforce.

Women in Rail was created to improve diversity within the UK rail industry by providing networking opportunities and support for all women within the sector. Women in Rail is there to encourage companies and stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy and devise initiatives aimed at positioning rail as an attractive career choice for young people.

Since its launch in 2016, The Big Rail Diversity Challenge has truly captured the hearts and minds of the industry – which demonstrates the passion, support, and enthusiasm for the brilliant work that Women in Rail undertakes.

Growing by a staggering 80%, The Big Rail Diversity Challenge has become a staple in the industry’s event calendar, with many key industry stakeholders supporting year on year.

For more information about The Big Rail Diversity Challenge, how you can enter a team or support the event, visit

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