Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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The modular building company working with contractors to help them deliver more efficiently and increase productivity

Any major project requires an extensive amount of collaboration between different teams and businesses to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget.

To pull this all together is a huge feat – and ensuring that the right environment is developed to aid that is essential.

Making sure your workplace is set out correctly is a major step in improving collaboration and workplace productivity, something that Lance Cator and the team at Lewis Ashley Group have years of experience in.

The modular building team has been advising businesses, many of which work in rail and construction, on taking more consideration about the layouts of their site offices – a factor which many people ignore – but is incredibly important.

Now, they are working with rail businesses to help improve site productivity through custom-built solutions.

“We’ve quite often found sites where companies will stack one rectangular building on top of the other, but when it comes to productivity on the site, this formation isn’t as effective as it can be,” said Lance.

“Even though space can be quite constricted at any site, we know that understanding the company systems and processes can shape a layout which helps teams to collaborate and share ideas and work more effectively. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move significant distances to speak to key people on site and it impacts on projects more than anyone would think.”

Major trackwork projects are set to go ahead throughout CP6, along with HS2 works starting to gather momentum. There will be many cases where access to the site and site space is much more limited.

When it comes to any work on the tracks, whether that is an electrification or permanent way project, for example, contractors call ill afford to allow the project to run over time. Any disruption on the tracks costs thousands, so productivity is something that cannot be ignored.

Lewis Ashley Group has worked to provide solutions which are delivered to and installed on site, minimising any disruption, including canteen and mess rooms, washrooms with effluent tank installation, data ready facilities, and secure storage units, for example. Buildings have also come with furniture included – making it as easy for the contractor as possible.

“While we do have ready-made solutions for our customers, many have taken the choice of working with us to develop a space that is right for them,” said Lance. “By working closely with our customers, we know how they work and what helps increase productivity, allowing us to provide good advice on suitable ways of working for others too that many may not have considered.

“The fact that we also have a team mobilised to work UK-wide and provide a quick and affordable solution for many contractors has resulted in them coming back to us over and over again.”

Lewis Ashley Group has also invested in environmentally friendly measures to reduce waste during the build phase. It is done in such a way that allows for greater material waste segregation to help reduce environmental impact, as well as costs. It produces the building in a factory environment away from the site and delivers directly to site, reducing traffic through this process. This also reduces the risks of disruption from lost weather days, resulting in no delays to starting a project.

Lance said: “By building this way, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint. As well as reducing our wastage, it also means that our production team do not have to travel and helps to reduce costs for our customers.

“We’ve seen our approach work with construction companies and government organisations over the many years we’ve provided solutions for them and we know that rail businesses need to be thinking in this way. With greater pressures on contractors to deliver efficiently during CP6 and while HS2 works are continuing, we know we can make a significant difference.”

Find out more on the Lewis Ashley Group website, or call 01482 815 310.

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