Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Home Guest Writers “This is about our great rail community doing good things for charities...

“This is about our great rail community doing good things for charities and redefining our social purpose”

Listen to this article:

Chris Leech, Lead Co-ordinator for Station to Station, discusses the fantastic Jubilee events taking part across the UK, as well as the Our Railway, Your Community Jubilee Commemorative Brochure, which you can purchase here

There is plenty to celebrate about Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Not only does it commemorate 70 years since Her Majesty was coronated, but it also gives everyone an opportunity to reflect over those years and the positive aspect railways bring to society.

The railways have seen significant, positive change over those last 70 years. In 1952, during the coronation, steam trains were still in operation, and, throughout that time, we have seen significant advancements in this country that have made our railways as great as they are today.


That is reflected through the harmonious links between the railways, their stations, and the community. Over the last few years, community rail partnerships have grown significantly and, whereas before railway stations were simply a transport hub – they are now becoming centres of support, friendship, and positivity.

Encapsulating this is the Station to Station initiative, which, over the Jubilee weekend, has co-ordinated more than 70 events across dozens of stations in the UK. These events link up with local communities to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, while demonstrating the great partnerships between railway station teams and community groups, such as the Scouts.

Chris Leech, co-ordinator of Station to Station, said: “Railway stations are the hubs of the communities we serve, so it’s great they will be at the heart of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“These events symbolise what is great about the industry and this country as a whole – in that we are all working together for the benefit of the communities we serve. This weekend is a celebration of Her Majesty’s reign, but it is also an opportunity to say Thank You to one another, and enjoy some time being part of a national celebration. This is what the Great British railway is about – making a difference to the people it serves, in more ways than one.

“We implore as many people as possible to go and support their local stations and take part in the celebrations they have going on.

Alongside these events is the Our Railway, Your Community Jubilee Commemorative Brochure, which is donating money to five charities – Railway Benefit Fund, Railway Children, Save the Children, Railway Mission and Women in Rail. For a small donation, plus P&P + VAT, this brochure is aiming to raise up to £175,000 for those charities. To order your copy, click here.

Brought together by nearly 50 companies, the brochure celebrates the diversity and scale of our amazing industry and the people and passion behind some of the largest and most ambitious infrastructure projects in the world, while reflecting on 70 years of the railways.

Chris said: “This brochure is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of railway people to make this sector what it is today. We have a unique position in this country where, our industry does not only provide a service, but it is an integral cog in supporting the people it serves too. After all the success of UK Railways and the communities they serve are intrinsically linked, one cannot succeed without the other!

“We’d like to thank those businesses that have supported this brochure throughout – this whole venture just symbolises how fantastic the rail community really is.”

You can find station events happening across the UK here.

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