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Torrent Trackside’s Aldebaran – stars amongst portable lighting  

Sponsored article from Torrent Trackside.

Lighting is an important part of rail construction and maintenance with considerable work having to be undertaken at night and in tunnels. Traditionally this lighting was provided by large, generator powered, tower lights. These provide excellent illumination but they are large and heavy and can be difficult to place in tight locations.  

What is needed is a lighter version that has a similar level of illumination. Torrent Trackside has a number of lighting options from German manufacturer Aldebaran that fills this gap.  Aldebaran (aptly named after the 14th brightest observable star in the universe) manufacture a number of durable and lightweight lighting units which have remarkable illumination. A key part of this system is the lighting modules that feature high performance LED lamps paired with the Xpect2 lens system which guarantees maximum efficiency and provides optimally distributed pure white light.  

The Aldebaran Gladius system uses 2 LED heads that generate up to 23,000 lumens of light output. The Gladius faces one way and has a beam angle of 60 degrees, perfect for track work.  The lighting unit weighs only 7kg, pair this with a heavy duty 4m tripod stand and the entire unit weighs less than 30kg. The power consumption is only 160w per unit so multiple lights can be powered from one generator.  

The Gladius system has recently been used by TRU West for the Huddersfield upgrade. The lighting provided excellent illumination along the 1km section of work. The unit is very hard wearing and has an IP65 rating making it rain and dust proof. The lightweight and minimal cabling meant installation times were also rapid. For even more power a three head version is available which provides 33000 lumens of clear white light, yet consumes 85 per cent less power than the halogen equivalent. 

If multi-directional lighting is required then Aldebaran have developed the XLD light. This system uses eight LED modules spreading in all directions.  The maximum lighting output is over 90,000 lumens this is equivalent to a standard tower light. However a lighting tower can weigh around 750kg whereas the XLD mounted to a 4m heavy-duty tripod weighs only 40kg. This reduction in weight makes installation easier and also helps to reduce transport costs. The power usage is only 540w per unit so up to six lights can be powered from one generator. Not only reducing the number of generators required but also saving fuel and reducing emissions. 

The XLD is a very flexible system that can be assembled in minutes. A dimmer can reduce the light output to around 20,000 lumens and a switch allows for half of the light to be switched off, ideal for built up areas where the light is only needed in certain directions. The lights can also be mounted on a rail trolley for excellent mobility to give lighting where it is needed. 

On a recent job 250 yards of XLD lighting were installed in under 30 minutes allowing for the job to be completed in one four hour shift.  

Torrent Trackside has been hiring both these systems to the rail industry for a number of years and feedback has been extremely positive. Both lights offer a durable, lightweight and powerful alternative to traditional tower lights.  

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