Friday, January 21, 2022
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Home Supply Chain Trainnovation: A glimpse into the future of the rail industry

Trainnovation: A glimpse into the future of the rail industry

With the UK having a cautiously optimistic eye set on a post-COVID Britain in 2021 and beyond, innovation is on the forefront of political and industry leaders’ minds. This innovation drive is showcased by the First of a Kind (FOAK) competition, whereby the Department for Transport and Innovate UK have awarded £9.4m to 25 of the most creative, frontier-pushing rail projects.

Luke Adams, is Business Development Manager at Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development. He has written an article about one area of development that shouldn’t be overlooked.

“These industry-leading projects have been split into four categories: customer experience, environmental sustainability, maintenance and train operation. With projects ranging from the integration of 5G across rail lines, to systems that cryogenically clean tracks to prevent trains from running slowly, it is clear the future of the industry is bright.


However, these four categories miss the advances in the industry happening on a business level, which deserves similar attention. Among the notable developments in business innovation for the industry is the Competency Training MarketplaceTM (CTM).

CTM is new solution pioneered by European leaders in consulting, digital services and software development Sopra Steria, which has been created to tackle competency management problems in the rail industry and beyond. The system integrates an intuitive design, with a training marketplace, to ensure all staff competencies for any project can be easily met and managed. With CTM you can keep track of all of your staff’s expiring qualifications and accreditations, while seamlessly being able to see who might be the best fit for a job, based on their location and qualification level.

The intelligent combination of a training marketplace and staff management system is a first for the industry, which means passing a compliance audit has never been easier and keeps the workplace safer for everyone.

CTM is still young and is expected to grab more attention in the coming months and years, as more companies turn to the platform, so it is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Emma Hughes of Costain said: “CTM will have a hugely positive impact for both large and small businesses alike. CTM’s ability to mark out training and provide expiration reminders, all whilst removing the task of finding providers to deliver training, is incomparable to our previous processes.”

For those interested in finding out more about CTM, including a free demo, please visit the website: Follow CTM on LinkedIn for news and updates:

Photo credit: Network Rail

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