Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Home Social Responsibility TransPennine Express unveils sustainability blueprint on World Environment Day

TransPennine Express unveils sustainability blueprint on World Environment Day

TransPennine Express (TPE) has launched a blueprint for sustainability to coincide with World Environment Day, detailing how it is set to become greener and more socially conscious than ever before.

 A key focus for TPE is to prioritise where its efforts can have the biggest positive impact to meet the needs of the communities it serves, delivering environmental, social, and financial sustainability.

Nicola Martin, head of sustainability, said: “Our approach to sustainability is defined by understanding our contribution to society, the economy, and the environment, and what is important to our communities.


“Through this understanding we have developed our sustainability strategy in line with the rail industry’s goals for greener transport and encouraging more people to leave their cars at home and turn to rail.”

TPE’s strategy is focused on delivering environmental change through factors such as reducing emissions, waste and water usage, but also outlines plans for developing and promoting inclusion in the workplace, as well as providing tangible benefits for local communities.

And these benefits are already being realised, with TPE already achieving significant environment improvements.

Since 2015/16 TPE has reduced its emissions related to diesel, natural gas and purchased electricity by 12 per cent, while the introduction of the new Nova trains, which includes bi-mode and electric trains, helps to reduce customers’ carbon impact by 77 per cent compared to travelling by an average car.

TPE has also recently added smart water meters to all but one of its stations, helping to monitor consumption, identify and fix leaks more quickly and reduced overall usage.

Nicola said: “Protecting our environment is a key component of approach to sustainability, and reducing our carbon impact will figure prominently in our plans in the coming years.

“Travelling by rail is a low carbon option and, when customers travel with us on our new Nova fleet, they are significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to travelling by car.”

Nicola added: “And, through our diversity and inclusion plans we are aiming to make rail a career for all. We want to ensure our workforce becomes – and remains – representative of the diverse communities we are proud to be a part of.”

To find out more about TPE’s commitment to sustainability and the environment visit Sustainability our vision and ambition.

Photo credit: TransPennine Express

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