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Unlock new business opportunities in rail with the latest intelligence

Dean Bruce, Managing Director of RBD Community, discusses the updated UK Rail Report.

The UK rail industry isn’t just complex – it’s also ever-changing. Projects evolve, new challenges arise, and those ‘running the show’ don’t always stay in the same place. If suppliers are to understand and infiltrate it, they need the very latest intelligence – facts and statistics that are as current as they are accurate.

That’s why, when we set out to create The UK Rail Report, we knew it should be a dynamic resource. Reflecting the changing face of UK rail, this ‘insider’s guide’ would tell readers everything they needed to know about the sector – and the people and organisations at its heart. It was about giving them the up-to-date intel they needed to stay informed, gain a competitive edge, and unlock new opportunities in rail.

Three months since the report was launched, and it’s already doing just that for users across the supply chain. We’ve been contacted by RBD Community members who are using the insights it contains to drive forward their business development plans. Others are in active contract discussions with Network Rail and train operators after accessing vital intel via the 44,000+ word document. This is all music to our ears at RBD Community, and the reason we spent 12 months compiling the initial report.

New intelligence for September

Now, it’s time for the report’s first planned update – something we committed to so it remains current and useful. I’m happy to say it packs a real punch.

Community members tell us how important it is that they have a clear picture of the people in the industry – and we’ve taken note, updating the report’s popular ‘Who’s Who’ section and adding new contacts. It’s intel like this that enables users to reach the right people – and unlock new business opportunities.

September’s update is also populated with up-to-date facts and stats, and all the latest intelligence about UK rail operations. Whether you need to know how many net tonnes of freight are moved by rail per-year, or establish the size of a train operator’s fleet, you’ll find this information in the report.

Finally, we’ve added a comprehensive list of the UK’s rail industry awards – something that will help businesses to plan their marketing activity and discover new platforms.
At a glance, the updated report includes:

• Details about the current UK rail environment/landscape.
• Information about the organisations and people governing it.
• The roles of government, operators and owners.
• Key industry facts and stats.
• Information about routes into the UK rail market.
• More than 700 contacts ‘Who’s who’ in UK rail organisations, TOCs, FOCs and more.
• Key active/upcoming projects across UK regions.
• Useful information about test facilities and innovation centres.
• Rail events and awards.

Bringing key facts and figures together in one place, the report is an invaluable resource for anyone working – or looking to work – in UK rail. Users love it because it’s researched and written by rail experts – meaning the facts and figures it contains are accurate. And, perhaps most importantly, they know they’re getting the latest intelligence – up-to-date insights that will help them to stay one step ahead.

How to get The UK Rail Report

RBD Community members can access the UK Rail Report for free as part of their membership benefits via the membership portal One Place.

Non-RBD-Community members can buy the report (which retails at £500) here. Alternatively, sign up to the RBD Community and access the report free.

RBD Community is a membership organisation and a force for good in rail, helping companies from around the world to do more business in rail. Member benefits include profile-enhancing PR, advertising and microsite, intelligence, and access to new opportunities and networking events. Membership includes £3,800 worth of additional benefits including profile enhancement, intelligence and networking opportunities – for £350 per year – that’s less than £1 a day.

Find out more here.

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