Monday, September 20, 2021
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Walking the walk when it comes to delivering safer, greener and better

Raj Sinha, Group Managing Director, SWGR

“Despite the great many challenges faced by rail companies across the UK in the last 18 months, I am proud to say the hard work and dedication of our team here at SWGR continues to pay dividends. This is underpinned by a range of new initiatives and a number of high profile contract wins that will now be in place almost until the end of the current decade,” says Raj Sinha, Group Managing Director at SWGR.

Raj joined SWGR around 12 months ago as the Group Managing Director of the business which has an unbroken history of over 30 years. SWGR has consistently served the rail industry over five consecutive decades – specialising in rail infrastructure services with particular expertise in possession management, welding services, skilled track workforce provision, and isolations planning and delivery.

Raj continued: “We were delighted to recently be awarded a large contract to deliver frontline safety-critical workforce services covering the London North Western (LNW) and London North Eastern (LNE) regions.

“Meanwhile, earlier this year, we were absolutely thrilled to have won a significant contract with the Rail Systems Alliance Scotland (RSAS) – an agreement that could see us working together for up to eight years. The RSAS is the formulation of three businesses consisting of Network Rail, Babcock Rail and Arcadis. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such a collaborative, engaging and supportive client.

“Despite the large number of frontline personnel needed to fulfil this contract, we are rising to the challenge having already completed more than 4,000 shifts with our supply chain partners in the last 14 weeks alone. To deliver with such intensity and at pace requires a strong leadership, management and delivery team. Constantly strengthening the management team is, therefore, essential and that is exactly what we have done. In the last six months there have been a number of new people joining SWGR across the UK including, more recently, Steven Butters. Steven, a highly experienced rail manager, will play a crucial role by overseeing the resourcing of our electrification team in the south of England. He has wide ranging experience and expertise which makes for an excellent leader, and the perfect person to reflect the vision and values of our wider business.”

New contracts and appointments, such as this, are complemented not only by the vast experience and strong safety record that SWGR brings to bear, but also new ways to improve customer service. This includes, for example, the creation of a brand new delivery centre in Middlewich. The facility, and the highly specialised team based there, strengthens the company’s presence in the heart of England with direct lines of communication into both England and Wales giving SWGR complete nationwide coverage. All of this is supported by purpose-built National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR)-accredited training centres, online/offline PPE distribution centres and an innovative round-the-clock control centre – the beating heart of the business.

With a brand new fleet of electric vehicles and an ‘on-track’ plan to be carbon neutral by 2030; fully mobilised health, safety and wellbeing units staffed by qualified nurses for the health and wellbeing of all personnel working on SWGR sites, including both clients and suppliers; and a unique safety App, the team at SWGR is constantly pushing the boundaries and reinventing itself as a leading supplier of niche specialist services on the UK’s railways.

“Our service is delivered, of course, by our incredible teams of men and women who turn out at unreasonable hours, whatever the weather, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. They are a reflection of us and we know we must care for them. Throughout the pandemic, now, and in the future we have committed to looking after the physical and mental wellbeing of all of our people, our supply chain partners and our clients. They are, after all, part of our family. Our Safe Together programme is designed to care for our colleagues, their families and their friends. Our commitments compel us all to take responsibility for the actions, behaviour and wellbeing of the SWGR family now and forever.” Raj concluded.

It is clear that the foundations of the business are strong and SWGR continues to illuminate its path within the rail industry.

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Notes: RSAS is a customer-centric and solution-led organisation that brings the collective engineering expertise and strengths of Network Rail, Babcock and Arcadis together as an alliance, delivering renewals and enhancements in CP6 and 7 across Scotland – headed up by Alex Sharkey, Director of Rail Systems Alliance Scotland for Network Rail.

You can visit the SWGR directory here:

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