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CAF Rail UK committed to making the workplace more diverse and inclusive

As a proud partner of WISE (Women in Science & Engineering), CAF Rail UK is committed to working towards making the workplace more diverse and inclusive. Recognising that hiring mangers have a crucial role to play, CAF have recently organised multiple training workshops for hiring managers to support this goal.

Hiring managers were recently invited to attend an Inclusive Recruitment workshop, hosted by WISE, to support people manager development, and to help embed best practice recruitment procedures within the organisation. Top tips on how to improve the diversity of CAF’s recruitment pool was a large focus of the session and the group were trained on recruitment best practice during the hiring process, how to remove barriers and eliminate unconscious bias. CAF want to hire the best candidate for the job, but they are committed to ensuring that their recruitment process is inclusive and structured to give all applicants, regardless of background, an equal opportunity.

To further support their goal of inclusive recruitment, CAF also recently organised Allyship training. This workshop educated attendees on how to take an active role in developing an inclusive culture and workplace environment and explore what it means to be an Ally within CAF and define conscious inclusion. Those who attended the session learnt how powerful allyship is within the workplace; how it can bring about a cultural change and how by championing our people, we all can reach our maximum potential.

As part of a recent review of recruitment processes and procedures, CAF have introduced interview feedback forms to capture the candidate experience during interview and to enable hiring managers to provide constructive and qualitative feedback to all candidates following their interview.

CAF are working to make their recruitment practices as fair as possible and ensure transparency across all interviews whilst also promoting a feedback culture. Candidates, both internal and external, will also be invited to share their feedback and experience of the interview following the delivery of interview outcome. CAF hope that inviting candidates to review their interview experience will hopefully generate honest feedback about their processes and the candidate experience, and will help the organisation identify further areas for improvement.

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