Monday, May 27, 2024
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Digital barcode season tickets making daily travel a breeze

Season tickets undoubtedly make life easier, and Northern are doing all they can to make them even simpler.

A new barcode season ticket system allows passengers to make a purchase within the operator’s app, and a new barcode season ticket appears instantly within their app system.

Mark Powles, customer and commercial director at Northern, said: “We want to ensure that our services are as simple and as easy to use for our customers as possible, which is why we are rolling-out the new barcode season ticket option. 

“The ticket lives on your mobile phone, saving the need for a travel card and paper ticket – making it easier and quicker to buy and use on the go.” 

Barcode Season tickets will now show as the default option in the Northern app or website. 

As well as simplifying your purchasing, anyone who buys their season ticket by the end of October will also benefit by being entered into Northern’s ‘Big Commuter Giveaway’’ promotion – which will see 500 people win back the cost of their season ticket up to the value of £100.

The Big Commuter Giveaway is one of a number of promotions Northern is running to encourage more people to ditch the car and take the train to work – like this one, offering 50% off travel in the winter months. For more information about season tickets and to enter the draw, please visit:

Image credit: Northern

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