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Furrer+Frey celebrates 100 years

Furrer+Frey is celebrating its 100th birthday. The company has covered projects all over the world from commuter and mainline railways, mountain railways, light railways, suburban railways and metros, to innovative battery electric chargers for bus and rail.

“Success is – and always will be – a mixture of gut feeling, the right moment, the right staff, partnerships, loyal customers, and a little bit of luck,” said Beat Furrer, Senior CEO.

Prestigious national and international success

Since its foundation in 1923, Furrer+Frey has brought many internationally acclaimed technical innovations to the market. In 1984, for example, the company made history developing its rigid overhead conductor rail system, which supported a 2014 world record speed of 302 kilometres per hour through the Austrian Sittenbergtunnel. Since then, they have built over 3,300 kilometres of this system worldwide.

Furrer+Frey have also developed conventional electrification systems, becoming a world leader in the development of battery charging infrastructure in public transport. They continue to innovate with composites aiming to slash the embedded carbon in rail infrastructure. This includes recently developing a prototype mast and undertaking research into composite cantilevers for use in the UK.

Furrer+Frey’s GB team have provided expertise on major projects, including Crossrail, Great Western Mainline Electrification and renewing overhead lines on the Great Eastern Mainline.

They have provided innovative moveable overhead electrification inside the Eurostar and London North Eastern Railway (LNER) depots as well as the first outdoor system for rail freight depots, demonstrated in Wellingborough in March 2022.

The rapid overhead charging station at the Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre in Dudley was provided by Furrer+Frey to test out new battery powered light rail. The company holds the framework contract for the supply of overhead electric bus charging systems for the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Working together on future mobility concepts

Furrer+Frey continues to this day to be known for its role in electrification development.

“Together with our partners and customers, our aim is to help actively shape the mobility models of tomorrow,” says CEO Rico Furrer.

“Our independence is a key advantage in this regard, as it allows us the greatest possible flexibility and agility. Another crucial element is the training we provide for our own employees – an important investment in the future.”

Photo credit: Furrer+Frey

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