Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Network Construction Services: Celebrating 20 years of recruitment

Network Construction Services is this year celebrating two decades of providing quality and cost-effective solutions to both local and nationwide rail projects.

Managing Director Matt Traynor, who had taken over at the helm in December 2019, has written the article below on the key to making a difference when it comes to recruitment.

“Does perfectionism exist? Should it exist? I used to think so, but my time in recruitment put a stop to that and I’m glad it did! I learnt many moons ago that the perfect candidate, the perfect client or the perfect agency does not exist. It’s the best fit that wins the day. I also learnt that if you don’t fall over every now and again, you may not be running fast enough or worse, you may be stood still, smack-bang in your comfort zone, playing it safe.


At Network Construction Services we believe our time should be spent in the arena with our clients and candidates, trying to make a difference, sharing pain, gain and offering up solutions. It should not be spent high up in the gods, sat in the cheap seats, away from the action. We expect the same from our clients and candidates.

We think this mind-set will give our clients and candidates a better and more authentic service, but we also know that whilst we are in the boxing ring scrapping it out, totally committed and working valiantly to make a difference, we will eventually get bumped, bruised and bloodied. A wise man once said; there is no effort without error and shortcomings. Are you ready for some honesty? There will be occasions where we fall over and when we do, we will take ownership, learn and get back up, stronger. It is also likely that our candidates and our clients will make mistakes and when that happens, we will be stood next to them trying to learn something and work together to fix it.

On the flip side of this, our plentiful years of battle-hardened experience, lessons learnt and perspective provides clients and candidates with a credible, capable and devoted service. It is from this perspective that allows us, along with many other agencies to shout: “Our candidates are not commodities sat on the shelf just hoping for your call to offer them 1-week work at below market rate. They are real people like John with a new born to provide for, an elderly mother to keep an eye on, a need for a deposit to buy his first house and bags of passion, skills and experience and has just finished a long term assignment where he was recognised as a significant contributor to the project. He is now looking for work closer to home and to progress his career to the next level.”

There are lots of moving parts and recruitment can be a big juggling act and with the backdrop of skill shortages, candidate shortages, rising prices and increase in demand the act gets harder. Clients ignoring these changes will cause them problems. This juggling act contributed £35.9 billion to the UK economy in 2020/2021. It’s a big deal.

For a real recruitment service; take the time to engage with your agencies on a consultative basis and in a collaborative way and listen to what they have to say. You will get much more value and insight. Pick the agencies who are prepared to be in the arena with you. Get in touch if you want to work with a team who will take ownership and is prepared to have honest and difficult conversations. We would love to hear your views, as long as you’re not sat in the cheap seats.”

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